Being able to spend the limited time that you have efficiently for study, work and extra-curriculum is never a simple task for any uni student. However, if you are able to do it right, you will see that all of the aspects of your life – university, work and personal life are balanced. Not to… Read More

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Are you a university student looking to make some extra cash? University studies allow for some extra time but it will not allow a university student to work full-time. However, this is not an excuse not to have the extra cash while at the same time sticking to the class schedule. As a student, you… Read More

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Participating in a group assignment promises to benefit you a great deal. It could help you to develop your leadership skill, teamwork skill and many valuable skills that many employers will look for in your resume. However, having a group assignment is also a very tough challenge. There are many potential problems such as tasks… Read More

Congratulations, if you made it to the assessment centre phase of a company’s interview process you have most likely survived the application form, psychometric test, and/or video interview. Now, you have been invited to attend an assessment centre as part of the hiring process. The problem is, you are not exactly sure what to expect. Don’t… Read More


By the time you graduate from high school, it is important that you start looking into your career path. In this article, I’ll share with you some tips that need to be taken into account when you are in search of a job. These tips are still useful if you are already in your university… Read More


Working while studying has become trendy for the past few years. To some students, it is sheer extra pleasure while to others, it is essential. In this article, I will discuss thoroughly the merits and demerits of being a part-time employee. I. Why should you work while studying? In this fast-paced society, you should not… Read More

If you’re about to take an CEB-SHL assessment test, you’re probably wondering about the best ways to practise and what the best available practice packs are. CEB-SHL produces a variety of psychometric tests, including those that focus on numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and inductive reasoning. CEB-SHL’s tests are aimed for different positions, ranging from entry-level… Read More