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Brightannica on Thu, Mar 27 '14 1:54 AM

Hi guys,

I'm Jerry from Brightannica.
We're a Registered Student and Migration Agency with our main office located in Sydney.
We are also a registered company in Australia.

We deal primarily with student visa. Nonetheless, we deal with other visas as well.

Our service for student visa is free of charge for students onshore and is available for those who come from a level assessment 1 countries and selected countries for level assessment 2, but the application to the college/university has to be through us.
We will eventually be paid by the college/university and that's why we do not charge any fee. Eek

We will guide you in regards to what documents you'll need, process for the student visa application and we can arrange for OSHC for you too.

This is the link to check on your level assessment:
Level Assessment for Australian Student Visa

We have these affordable (starting from $1400 every 3 months) Diploma courses available in Melbourne:
[*] English course (starting from $170/week)
[*] Business
[*] Children Services
*Inquire with me for further details

These are the documents you'll need to send me before I can give you sound advise:
[*] passport
[*] last education documents
[*] visa (if you're in Australia)
[*] resume
[*] you'll also need to explain to me in regards to your situation and plan

But, you are more than welcome to give me a call.
If I don't pick up your call send me text me or email me with your name, mobile number and email address.


Jerry Soe
Mobile: 0452 577 877
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