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This year, the Australian dollar fell, a more fiery time studying in Australia, from the study in terms of cost, higher cost compared to the past! This article will introduce Australia's Top Ten professional, and their professional prospects of future employment. Australian education show you 

Studying in Australia popular professional 1. Actuarial / Statistics

Actuaries are called "Jinling in Jinling" actuary worth over one million yuan even higher. Moreover, in the workplace undoubtedly the most Haozhaogongzuo professional accounting profession, and domestic foreign-funded enterprises and multinational corporations are more inclined to choose a background of studying abroad or have an international qualification certificate person.

* Employment orientation:

Actuaries, data analysts, statisticians, statistical analysts, statistical programmer, project statisticians, financial analysts, financial planners, construction estimators class, offer staff and other trade sectors.
Studying in Australia popular professional 2. Financial

Type of work-related financial range, and the financial sector has always been the envy of the "golden rice bowl."

The financial services industry, including banks, trust companies, credit unions, life insurance companies, property insurance companies, securities companies and investment agents, and other seven major categories of financial companies. It requires strong analytical skills, good at management staff.

* Employment orientation:

Banks, trust companies, credit unions, life insurance companies, property insurance companies, securities companies and investment agents.
3. Popular professional study in Australia manage cultural and creative industries

In recent years, the rapid development of Chinese cultural and creative industries. Shenzhen and Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities to actively promote the development of cultural and creative industries, is establishing a number of cultural and creative industries base groundbreaking.

While the cultural and creative industries in China is still a sunrise industry, but in Western countries has become a pillar industry of the national economy and even dominant. For example: The United States is the world's most developed countries, copyright-based industries, today America's cultural industry will account for 27% GDP.

* Employment orientation:

Designers, craft artists, creative planners, photographers, agents, producers and the like.
Popular professional study in Australia 4. Luxury Management & Marketing

According to statistics, eighty percent of the world's top luxury brands have entered the Chinese market, luxury brands in China's sustainable development, the need for more professional management. The next seven or eight years, the domestic luxury management industry will have 45,000 talent gap. Currently many Chinese luxury goods shop manager from Taiwan, Hong Kong or abroad.
The market will be needed in the localization of senior management, understand the Chinese domestic consumer psychology and trends, overseas education background, fluent in international talent 1-2 foreign language is quite tight.

* Employment orientation:

Luxury management, fashion buyers, wine management, luxury marketing, golf course management.
Popular professional study in Australia 5. Hotel Management

The hotel management is one of the world's top ten popular industry, in the international arena has always belonged to the employment hotspots.

The hotel industry is well developed in North America, while China hotels and other tourism-related industries scale expanded accordingly, many well-known foreign hotel very early rush into the Chinese market.

* Employment orientation:

Engaged in all kinds of hotels, restaurants, hotels management, tourism companies, hotel business negotiations, foreign liaison services, hotel market research and information services.
6. Studying in Australia popular professional exhibition management

Currently, the global annual revenues in excess of exhibition economy billions of dollars. China has become a big country exhibition, some domestic cities and tourist cities of exhibition economy has begun to take shape, the birth of a number of fairly mature market players.

At present, China Exhibition practitioners, professionals sorely lacking. Thus, with open ideas, keen insight, advanced communication skills predictability and skilled international high-end talent, will become the most popular composite exhibition personnel.

* Employment orientation:

Curators, project managers, 3D designer, graphic designer exhibition, high-end creative planning.
Popular professional study in Australia 7. Business Administration

Business Administration is one of the world's most popular commercial professional, its graduates have good employment opportunities, therefore, it is the first choice of many professional and international students.

* Employment orientation:

Medium-sized enterprises in senior management, human resources management, financial management, marketing planning, product research, market forecasts and economic quantity analysis.
Popular professional study in Australia 8. Biotechnology

GM foods, cloning, gene therapy, with the rapid development of biotechnology, global demand for biological research and development talent surge. From the domestic situation, in biotechnology, genetic engineering, genetic engineering, molecular biotechnology, medicine and other areas of research and development, talent is particularly scarce.

* Employment orientation:

Biomedical researchers, biomedical development engineers, environmental health and safety experts.
Studying in Australia popular specialties 9. Computer Science

Computers can be divided into three directions: computer engineering, information systems security, network communications. Computer science after years of development, has been widely applied to various industries, and has been the world's top IT professional. Computers have many directions, such as software, hardware, networking, information systems.

* Employment orientation:

Senior programmer, systems analyst, network management, database managers, software developers, financial analysts and the like.
Popular professional study in Australia 10. Engineering Specialty

With the rapid urbanization in China and the continuous expansion of city size, the demand for engineering talent is growing.

* Employment orientation:

Design Institute, real estate company, supervision, on-site command construction, environmental engineers, research and development engineers, city engineers, construction engineers.
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