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Classification: Accounting ,Information Technology
Listed By: Professional Pathways

Professional Year Program

  • Designed for international IT graduates on the 485 visa only and 
  • Designed for international Accounting graduates on the 485 visa only

What is a Professional Year?

The Professional Year program is a 44 week course designed to enhance the employability of international students graduating in specific fields.

Launched in 2008, the program develops graduate business skills, English skills and knowledge of Australian workplaces through classroom learning and practical internship.

On successful completion of the Professional Year Program, students are eligible to apply for additional migration points towards permanent residency in Australia.

Why choose PPA?

Professional Pathways Australia (PPA) is a division of Monash College Pty LTD (MCPL), a private company owned by Monash University.

Committed: Professional Pathways Australia (PPA ) is committed to supporting international students and graduates in their career ambitious.

Graduate Employment: PPA has an outstanding record of assisting graduates gain permanent employment in their filed. In fact, 70% of our graduates gain full time employment after graduation.

Professionally recognised: PPA’s expertise in course development and delivery is well recognised throughout Australia. It was the first organisation in Australia to offer government approved Professional Year Programs.

Experienced: PPA has been successfully placing students and graduates in internships with host companies across Australia since 2001.

Extensive Network: With an extensive network and partner programs, PPA is able to help graduates engage with an Australian organisation. It’s offices, in central business districts of Melbourne and Sydney, enable PPA to support graduates in the business hubs of Australia.

Program Features:

  • 12 month course (minimum 44 weeks) 
  • Free IELTS Support Program with free IELTS test 
  • Structured:
    • Practical workplace placement – 12 weeks full-time internship.
    • Part-time classes: eight hours per week 
  • Flexibility:
    • Classes Times: morning, evenings and weekends class options
    • Start dates: new course starting every 5 weeks
    • Locations: Sydney and Melbourne
    • Payment Options: multiple payments options including monthly direct debit.
  • Eligibility for points towards permanent residency 
  • Career Assistance:
    • Membership of a relevant professional body
    • Job seeking advice at the completion of the program
    • Ongoing monitoring of Professional Year graduates after the program

What our students say?

“After university, I tried really hard to get into accounting but the fact was that without any experience, it was extremely hard to find my first job in accounting. Without an impressive resume, I knew I just needed to have a chance to prove that I was actually employable.

During the Professional Year program, I've learnt way more than I thought I would. It definitely strengthened my communication skills and the CV training was very beneficial, too. On top of that, the internship was one of the most important experiences I have ever had. It was my first step into my dream career and it was an amazing opportunity for me to show people what I could do. Overall, the program gave me a lot of confidence and is truly a worthwhile course to take. During my internship I got offered a job and I’m currently working in Corporate Finance Division of my Host company. - Tailin Chen

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