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Listed By: CRCC Asia

China Internship Program 

Business in China

China is the world's fastest growing major economy, and one of the most dynamic. Since China opened its doors to capitalism and market forces in 1978, the country's economy has boomed. In the past four years it has averaged a 9.8% GDP growth rate, and in 2010 became the world’s second largest economy with a GDP valued at US $5.7 Trillion.

Having emerged as a critical player in the global economy, China is now Australia’s largest trading partner. Due to the nature of Australia’s imports and exports with China, the relationship between the two countries can be defined as “complementary,” as Australia has the supply to meet China’s growing appetite for resources.

What does this mean for you?

When you interview for your dream job, you will be able to say with confidence that you have experienced China’s dynamic business environment. This will show your willingness to engage with and understand international business, particularly as countries like China continue to expand their presence in Australia. The experiences you gain while working will allow you to demonstrate your skills in a challenging business environment and could give you the edge against other candidates.

Due to the wide variety of types of business operating within China, interning in business may include areas as diverse as business development and strategy, human resources and recruitment, sales and marketing, and manufacturing and logistics. 

What’s Included

Our Comprehensive Internship Programs include:

  • Pre-departure assistance
  • Business visa fees & processing
  • Airport pick-up and Accommodation in a centrally located 4* apart-hotel,
  • Weekly Mandarin lessons,
  • Welcome packs including a travel card, prepaid sim card, city guide & business cards,
  • Social, cultural and volunteer activities, including KTV, Dumpling Making, visiting Migrant Children School (activities subject to change)
  • Access to business networking events,
  • Chinese business etiquette and culture training
  • Company drop-off and a professional Internship with an English-speaking supervisor
  • Full support and guidance from all our offices
  • A CRCC Asia Certificate
  • Membership of CRCC Asia’s exclusive alumni network.

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