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Classification: Accounting ,Agriculture ,Banking and Finance ,Business and Commerce ,Consulting ,Economics ,Engineering ,Human Resources ,Information Technology ,Insurance ,Investment Banking ,Law ,Logistics and Supply Chain ,Mathematics
Listed By: Standard Chartered

About Us

Why banking?

Now, more than ever, the world needs growth. By helping to meet the needs of growing populations, banks have a fundamental role in strengthening economies. Supporting millions of individuals to achieve their goals, partnering with small and medium enterprises, helping to drive trade and growth, enabling businesses to expand and create jobs. Without banks the world would literally stand still.

Why Standard Chartered?

We believe banks can be a force for good. We’re well placed to take advantage of the economic shift from West to East, with operations in 68 countries across Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

If you want experience in the most exciting growth markets, if you want to explore an industry that is evolving at an epic pace and most importantly, if you want to help shape the next decade of banking, then connect with us to explore the opportunities.

What good could you do? It’s up to you.

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