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Listed By: Fidelity

Fidelity Graduate Careers

At Fidelity Worldwide Investment we pride ourselves on making intelligent, long-term investment decisions. And we don’t limit them to equities, fixed income products, property and securities. When we hire graduates, we look for people who have the potential to lead our business in the future, both in frontline investment services and in key specialist functions.

In investment management, we offer opportunities in Equity Research, Fixed Income, Investment Solutions Group and our specialist Moonray Investors function. And in our business functions, our programmes include Business Management, European Sales & Marketing, HR, Technology and Business Operations. Whichever of our diverse business areas you join, you’ll benefit from development opportunities that will see you become an expert over the course of two to three years. These could take the form of international placements, support towards relevant qualifications or a series of rotations, as well as the formal learning and soft skill training you need to realise your potential.

The variety of programmes we offer means we look for a huge range of different talents. For some areas we ask that you have solid numerical and analytical abilities, while for others we look for the confidence to do business articulately in more than one language. However, we expect all of our graduates to possess a strong academic record, assured communication skills and the ambition and commercial acumen needed to succeed in a global business.

We have offices in over 25 countries and 664 managed funds covering everything from stocks and shares to bonds, property and commodities. What we do is complex. But the principle behind it is simple: we do everything we can to make informed investment decisions that are right for our clients. That means meticulously researching every investment, balancing profit against risk and using our knowledge of local and global financial markets to create robust and successful products and portfolios.

To find out more about the rewards of a career at Fidelity and the investments we make in our graduates, visit here.

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