It is widely believed that a recruiter would spend 6 seconds on average looking at your CV or your LinkedIn profile. You could easily imagine how long 6 seconds is. That is why “being wordy” is not what you should aim for in order to catch the attention of a job hunter.

Your aim here is to create an informative LinkedIn profile which can optimize your chance of getting you your dream job. In the previous article we have explained to you all of the steps you would need to fill in and optimize your profile in LinkedIn.

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Still, there are some areas which you need to focus even more in order to make the most of your profile including how to create the best headline, using the most appropriate personal photos as well as filling the relevant jobs and keywords. Scroll down to read more about what you need to know about these aspects.

1. Tips for Headlines

The first thing that a recruiter would look in your LinkedIn profile is your name and next, your headline. If you make it sound plain and boring, you wouldn’t be able to captivate the attention of anyone who is looking at it and encourage him or her to look further.

Something like “Recent graduate in Economics” could be seen by a job hunter thousands of time every single day. And it doesn’t say much about you either. On the other hand, you should focus on your ambition and what jobs you want to do in the future. Don’t show your current status as a graduate but instead, show what you have to offer and what your unique points are. A slogan like “Honors Economics Students Seeking for a Dynamic Analyst Position” would bring more helpful information to recruiters.

Finally, make sure you don’t use clichés words such as “creative” or “responsible”. Not only do they sound boring but they are also meaningless. Focus on your own unique strengths. I have seen a designerer who describes himself as a left and right brainer designer. That literally says that he thinks both logically and emotionally.

2. Professional Photos

Having a professional photo can help show how serious you are with your career. It would help you to catch more attention than a fun photo, or even worse, a grey avatar. So go find, or take a high-quality picture of you dressing properly. Your face should be facing forward as well.

And even though the photo you use should show your formality, it doesn’t have to be your passport photo. You can take your own photo in a neutral background. Here are some of the things that you should know when taking your picture:

  • You should have enough light to prevent taking grainy pictures.
  • Make sure there is nothing offensive behind you. Also, don’t hold any party thingy such as a glass of wine.
  • Don’t crop yourself out of a picture and then resize it. When the cropped picture is too small, you would create a pixelated avatar. And it would make other people think that you don’t have sufficient IT skill when you make a picture turn out like that.
  • Your photo should reflect the nature of the industry you want to work in. For example, if you want to work for a law company, your picture should be more formal than when you aim to work for an advertising company.
  • Don’t use a black and white picture.

3. Relevant Jobs

If you are just a fresh graduate with no working experience at all, don’t worry. You can include your part-time jobs and unpaid jobs. The most important thing here is to show recruiters what you have learned from these jobs as well as what skills you have acquired. While the jobs you have done in the past might not relevant to the job you want to do in the future, list the relevant skills. For example, while your aim is to work as a marketer, you should include the internship job in which you need to advertise for a specific funding program.

Regardless of what jobs you list on your LinkedIn profile make sure you state clearly your responsibility and your achievements. Remember that rewards and numbers are the best way to indicate how well you have fulfiled in your jobs.

4. Keywords

As I mention above, you need to tell recruiters about your skills and relevant jobs. That is the reason why keywords are crucial which need to be paid attention to.

When you can describe anything in your LinkedIn profile with industry-relevant keywords, you can increase your chance of appearing on a recruiter’s search page. And only when your page appears after a search that it could get noticed and be read.

You should research about the most frequently searched keywords and phrases in your own industry. Then take note of these words and include them in the “Skills and Endorsements” section. In addition, you can browse other people’s profiles who are working in the same industry as you. Looking at these profiles can help you gain more ideas of what you should put in your profile.


No one can deny the importance of an online profile – it is the personal brand that you can actually show the world. If you are not on LinkedIn, it would be too late if you don’t join in now. With all of the tips above, I hope that you would be able to learn more about how to optimize your LinkedIn profile. If you are able to show off yourself as well as your ability and ambitions, you would have more chances of catching a recruiter’s attention and get the job you always dream of in the future.

If you have any question on how to make your own LinkedIn profile and what should you fill in it, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will try my best to help you. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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