One thing that a student needs in order to go through his studies successfully is good health. And that starts with good diet. Now, students generally don’t have a lot of time and that means they would not want to spend too much time on cooking. But eating at restaurants come with a lot of inconveniences, one of which is cost. It costs much less to prepare your own meals than eating outside, and the food tastes better. That is why you might want to try these 5 student recipes. 

1. Fish Pasta

salmon pasta recipe for students

Pasta is one of the fastest meals you can prepare. For this recipe you need your pasta, a piece of fish (like salmon), some olive oil, spring onions, cream, freeze-dried chives, salt and pepper. Follow the following steps to prepare your fish pasta.

Cook the pasta for 4 minutes and drain. Fry the fish in olive oil for 3 minutes on each side. Add chopped spring onions and mix till brown. Take off the pan from fire and break up the fish. Add cream and chives and return to fire. Once it starts to bubble, add the pasta. Mix everything by stirring and allow to cook for up to 1 minute. Add pepper and salt to taste.

2. Omelette 

Omelette for students

This is another quick meal for a student to prepare. To prepare

Beat an egg with a tablespoon of milk. Add some pepper and salt. Heat a little oil in a frying pan and add the mixture. Stir and reduce the heat after one minute. You may add some ham and/or mushroom. Allow the omelette to set under these ingredients. 

If you like cheese, you may sprinkle some cheese on it. If you want your omelette to be wet don’t cook for long after adding cheese. 

3. Spaghetti Bolognaise

Spaghetti Bolognaise recipe for students

This Italian dish is not only tasty, it is also easy to prepare. First add some chopped mushrooms to about 500 grams of brown minced beef and cook for about 3 minutes. Add two crushed cloves of garlic and stir. Add about 400 grams of chopped tomatoes and half a pint of beef stock. Boll and allow to simmer for up to 20 minutes. Cook the spaghetti and drain. Serve the spaghetti with bolognaise on top. You may keep the rest of the bolognaise for the next day.

4. Boiled eggs

bolled eggs recipe for students

Boiled eggs are very handy with your bread or in your salads. Boiling an egg is very easy. To prevent cracking, make sure eggs are of room temperature. Put them in a bowl, add enough water and cook for about four minutes. The longer it stays on fire the harder an egg becomes. Peel of the shells and serve with bread.

5. Sandwiches

sandwich recipe for students

Sandwiches can be prepared even without fire. All you’ll need are chopped vegetables like carrots, lettuce, and cheese or cream. Take two slices of bread add your chopped vegetables on one, add a little cream and or cheese, cover with the other slice and you have a meal. You only have to make sure that your vegetables are properly washed. Some vegetables like cabbages are best when slightly boiled. If you have time, you may add boiled eggs.

Trying these five student recipes will mean that you will not have to eat at the restaurant every time. You will have the pleasure of eating your own home cooked meals from time to time. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

4 comments on “5 Quick Meal Ideas for Student Life

  • Too lazy to make these meals in the morning. The pasta stuff didn’t seem delicious as I expected it to. Now I wish I had a loaf of Vietnamese bread right here in my dorm. Does anyone ever try to mix some cereal with milk for breakfast? It’s ok to have a breakfast like this for a few days but no more than a week because it’s way too milky.
    Sometimes I just have fruits for breakfast, maybe a bowl of salad works pretty well for me because I have had enough of meats.

  • In China students love instant noodles but you have already known that China has a good reputation of traditional cuisines. Beijing kaoya wins everyone heart.
    Boiled eggs are pretty simple to prepare but a sandwich may take 15-20 minitutes so it’s not for a busy day.
    I suggest having breakfast with rice and boiled vegetables. It’s time-efficient and provide much glucose.

  • I usually have pasta and sandwich for dinner. I don’t have breakfast, instead I drink a cup of milk. If I am too hungry, I will have some bread or cookies perhaps.
    Thanks for the idea, but I need more.
    Can you write a post about some drinks that we can make quickly in the morning?

  • I would go with Ramyeon because it’s easy, cheap and quick. But of course it’s unhealthy and very bad for skin, but still…

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