With the high costs of higher education today, it is necessary to supplement income from your parents, government aids and scholarships with alternative sources. A part time job is a great way of bringing in this extra income, without taking up all the free time you usually use for studying and extracurricular activities.

Not only will a part time job give you needed control over your finances, it will also help you offset all college associated expenses and help you develop a savings culture. Additionally, a part time job heightens your college experience by giving you the chance to interact with new people and learn new things (this also provides a great opportunity to network).

You need to be aware that practical time commitment and flexible scheduling are mandatory if you intend to work while keeping your grades up. Below we will explore the 6 most popular part time/casual jobs for students today.

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1. Tutoring

Being a peer tutor is an excellent student job that gives you the opportunity to assist other students with their academics. These jobs have a wide range of subject areas to choose from, as well as flexible hours which you can decide.
Universities with a high number of international students will offer the opportunity for conversational tutors to assist second language English students with their English skills.

To become a tutor it is important to be strong in subjects where tutoring is in demand e.g. IT, Accounting, Maths and languages.

You can search for a tutor job using several avenues:
– Distribute flyers advertising your tutoring services
– Check in with the foreign languages department
– If your university is home to an educational resource center you can apply for an official job there
– Ask your professor for tutoring opportunities (if you have performed well in their class!)

There are also several off-campus tutoring opportunities involving primary school and high school students.

2. Office administrator

There are several on and off-campus office administration jobs available to students. On campus jobs can be found in health services, the dean’s office, the careers office and alumni affairs to name a few. While off-campus jobs can be found in different sectors including electronics and retail.

Office administration will often involve you interacting with customers and colleagues, and will also include data entry. It is therefore necessary for you to have customer service, communication (verbal and written) and computer skills. The benefit of holding an office administration position is the chance to learn about academic and professional opportunities that you were previously unaware of.

You can learn about potential jobs through the student employment office, or by contacting departments or company’s directly.

3. Supermarket Cashiers

Supermarket cashiers have a generally straightforward job. They either have a shift working at the till or bagging groceries. Many students love this job as it gives them the opportunity to interact with new people, in addition to the many financial perks associated with working for a large supermarket chain.

Though most supermarkets offer comprehensive training before you begin, you will be required to have great customer service skills, good focus and a head for mathematics.

To apply for a cashier’s job, fill in an online job application on the website of your local supermarket chain such as WoolworthsColes and Aldi.

woolworths    coles    aldi

4. Restaurant worker

The jobs that fall under the tag ‘restaurant worker’ can include kitchen-hand, bartenders, barristers, supervisors, cashiers, cooks, wait staff and front of the house guest service.
The job requires no special skills beyond the basic math’s and organization skills that every student should already have, as it presents an on the job training opportunity for all. This casual job will allow you to decide between working during breakfast, lunch or dinner shifts.
Its popularity as a student job is brought about by the fact that you can get employee discounts as well as the fact that you can earn great tips as you work. To get a job as a restaurant worker visit the student employment office or look for job advertisements at neighboring eateries and apply in person.

5. Call Centre

A large number of call centre operators are students, who have taken advantage of the opportunity that promises a high salary, transferable skills, a multitude of experience and knowledge, as well as flexible hours that include night and weekend shifts.
You do not require a degree to work at a call center, but first-rate reading, speaking, people and computer skills are necessary.
The job entails you answering calls from company customers, in addition to handling complaints, providing product support, offering solutions to problems and advising customers on an array of subjects. If you do not want to work as a customer service call center operator you can choose to be involved in sales/telemarketing.
To get a student job as an operator, search the websites of local call centers.

6. Babysitter

This part time job for students is both exhausting and fun. It involves you watching over children, playing with them and occasionally taking them out. The average babysitter makes between $10-$20 an hour, and gets the opportunity to catch up with their work during their downtime i.e. when the kids are napping.
The skills mandatory for this job include patience, organization, focus and interpersonal skills. Many professors and administrative staff prefer using college students to babysit their children, and you can opt to look for a job via word of mouth or you can visit your career office or student employment office.

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