If you are like me, then you are a student struggling to get by on a tiny budget. However, being a student also means that you are bright eyed and excited to participate in every activity and shopping opportunity that comes your way, and for this to happen you need to have cash in hand.

Acknowledging the fact that you cannot go back to the folks every time you want something new, I have done my research and come up with 8 exciting tips that will help you save your money.

1. Sell Used Textbooks

Once you are done with a particular course you will no longer require the literature, however, we all know that buying textbooks is extremely costly. That is why you should sell all your used books on campus or through websites such as StudentBees, and when it comes to buying or renting books for new courses you should opt for affordable second-hand books.


2. Sell Unwanted Furniture And Clothing On StudentBees Or eBay

One of the first things I did when I joined university was to buy a variety of clothing and furniture, even though I did not need them all. Now that I look at my cluttered room and closet, I know I need to make a change. Selling unwanted belongings like furniture and clothing not only de-clutters your room, but it also gives you cash in your pocket which you can save or spend on items you actually need.


3. Perform Household Chores For Money

As a teenager, chores are perhaps the most mind-numbing and time-consuming tasks you can get yourself involved in. However, as an adult, chores can be a way of making extra cash. If you live at home with your parents or in a campus building near your home, you can offer to do chores such as mowing the lawn, laundry, and washing the car for money.

4. Choose Your Accommodation Wisely

If you are local student who has left home or an international student who has left your country, then you will find yourself in need of accommodation. Though you may be tempted to rent a lavish pad with state of the art features, it would save you money to share an apartment or flat with someone where you can share the rent and the bills with them.

Now you can benefit from cut down costs and a new friend!

5. Save Money On Transport

Another way to save money while in university is by using affordable transport. This can come in the form of carpooling where money for fuel is shared, or through buying an eco-friendly bike which does not require fuel, insurance or expensive maintenance.

sydney buses

P.S. A majority of us are blessed with two functioning legs that can efficiently take us from point A to point B at no cost, so use them!


6. Be A Savvy Shopper

I absolutely love shopping; unfortunately I often overspend on items such as books, laptops, electronics, and mobile phones. However, I found that if I compare prices and offers online I can benefit from the best deal.

When it comes to buying grocery, supermarkets such as Aldi are best for shopping in bulk and at a cheaper price as compared to going to places like Coles.

sale shoping

In addition, services such as counselling, cleaning and removalists often offer student discounts, so be sure to enquire about this before you hire a company.

7. Find A Part-Time Job

The quickest and easiest way of earning and saving cash is to get a part-time job. There are several casual jobs open to students, such as a cashier, bartender, waitress, receptionist, library assistant, office assistant, warehouse worker, and call center operator.

By securing a casual job such as the ones outlined above, you can make money during your extra time and this can be invested or saved for a later date.

8. Pay Bills Early And On Time

One of the most financially crippling situations a student will find themselves in is one of late fees. That is why you should pay all your bills (rent and credit cards) on time, so that you can avoid the extra late costs that will build up.

As you can see, saving money as a student is not an impossible task. With the tips outlined above, you can go ahead and save enough money for future trips, education loans, and even car purchases. The sky is the limit for you, so go out and apply these tips today!

3 comments on “8 Money Saving Tips for University Students

  • Used textbooks are not only ideal but also economical these days. My school library slaughters us with a few exorbitant textbooks that cannot be bought anywhere else but in it.
    With the same book but the one sold on campus is somehow always more expensive than that on Ebay, that’s just an opinion. We live in a room for two, my roomate and I share some appliances and we usually hunt for sales.
    Love the points of this post :

  • Fortunately I’m affordable to buy a second hand car from my host mom and no more missing the bus XD. My friend, who has lived in town for nearly 10 years, is totally blind and desperate at the bus line. I usually needed my host mom’s guidance to take a bus because I didnot want to get lost.
    She also taught me some useful life hacks and interesting ways to reuse something. For instance, like a lamp made from a jar filled with light string, she glued a broken bucket and wrapped it with some old fabric and I definitely love the new version of that one.
    I think you have missed the point of how to reuse all things, not just books. Well that’s just my view point.

  • Preparing my own meals is not a bad idea. There are some reasons to do so, but the most important reason is to save money of course. My mates and I are not likely to enjoy a fancy dinner, we all like to have a cozy and friendly dinner and come along with a little bit of chitchat. Yes we’re all girls and we think we need shoes and bags more than we need food lol. That’s just kidding, we all come from poor and developing countries so money is no doubt a thing to be concerned about. We make our own meals, we share stuff like hair dryer, book shelf, a small cabinet…and life is still good !

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