Many inexperienced overseas students find it difficult to get a comfortable place to live during their university years. Therefore, we would like to introduce you some accommodation options surrounding Queensland University of Technology – one of the most highly reputable institutions in Australia.

For tips to find accommodations near University of Queensland visit this article.

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It is strongly recommended that you have your short-term accommodations arranged ahead of time, maybe one or two weeks, on your first arrival in Australia. And then, you can find a suitable place for long-term tenancy that you wish for.

1) Short-term accommodations near Queensland University of Technology

The following motor inn and hotel provide good short term accommodation in Brisbane:

Ambassador Motor Inn

180 Gladstone Road South Brisbane, QLD

Tel: +61 7 3844 5661

George Williams Hotel

317-325 George Street Brisbane, QLD 4000

Tel: +61 7 3308 0700

2) Long-term accommodations near Queensland University of Technology

2.1 Residential Colleges

QUEENSLAND UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY, accommodations, accommodation

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Usually, residential complexes offer accommodations with a single bedroom, a study desk, a wardrobe for individual use and students have to share bathrooms and other common facilities with their fellows. Some of the popular residential colleges close to QUT are:

2.2 Agent-operated student lodging

Fully-geared rooms with basic household appliances are included in this accommodation option. They include a lockable bedroom and reliable internet access. Some utilities are in commonly used, such as kitchen, bathroom and living room.

Some highly-recommended accommodation providers include:

The Pad

Tel: (07) 3062 9061

The Pad is a good provider, not only offers high-quality accommodations for students but also fosters their personal and academic growth. Designed in a remarkable style combined with up-to-date communal appliances to facilitate students, the Pad gains overrated opinions from experienced customers. Your rent will cover all commodities, in other words, you don’t have to pay for gas, electricity or water use.

Brisbane Students

90 Vulture Street, Westend, QLD 4101

Tel: +61 1300 338 894

Recognized as one of the largest accommodation suppliers in Brisbane, Brisbane Students caters premium accommodation services for not only locals but also international students.

  2.3 Homestay accommodation

Some overseas or domestic students prefer homestay accommodation. Staying with native Australians will enable you to learn more about Australian lifestyle and improve your communication skills through daily chats. Of course, you will have your own room here, and you are needless to pay for meals out since the host will mostly take this responsibility.

The homestay placement cost is usually about $250 and non-refundable. There are 2 homestay options as below:

  • 2 daily meals, including breakfast and dinner, from Monday to Friday, and exceptionally 3 daily meals for weekends. All are charged from $240 weekly.
  • 3 daily meals, with additional lunch at midday, cost starts from $260 weekly.

QUT also has a dedicated page for tips on how to live in a shared house at

We hope this article has provided useful information for you to choose a housing option near Queensland University of Technology that suits your needs. Thanks for reading and good luck with your search!

Note: Prices listed here are accurate at the time of posting only.

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