In today’s interconnected world, there is a lot of sharing of information and culture. It is therefore not surprising that many students have opted to further their studies in foreign countries, as a way of broadening their perspectives. Australia has emerged ahead of other countries as it is currently home to a high percentage of foreign students from South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The reasons these students have decided to study abroad are numerous, ranging from Australia’s excellent education system to its diverse culture and its wonderful living environment. During this article we will show why you should study abroad in Australia.

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1. Academic excellence

Australia is home to some of the world’s leading universities, which also employ top professors and academic staff. Additionally, the education system is superior, guaranteeing that students are taught using the newest and most effective methods available, while at the same taking advantage of the latest technology and facilities. Furthermore, Australian universities specialize in the most sought after vocational and technical fields- ranging from the arts to agriculture to engineering, and students are assured of graduating with internationally recognized qualifications.

2. Numerous scholarship opportunities

If there is one fact that everyone can attest to, it is that education is expensive. Students who choose to study in Australia benefit in two main ways. The first is the fact that the standard of living is cheaper in Australia as compared to other popular student destinations (mainly the UK and US). Secondly, Australia offers a large number of scholarships to international students, including but not limited to graduate and research scholarships. This means that bright and hard working students that may not have the finances to study in Australia, have several avenues of funding their education.

3. Diverse culture

Australia is known as a multicultural society, with residents spanning over 200 countries. This diversity means that students have the opportunity to learn about a myriad of cultures, and also ensures that students will often be able to connect with people from their home country- preventing culture shock. Australia’s rich and vibrant history and culture can also be experienced through visits to museums, and through conversations with the friendly locals. It is important for students to cultivate global contacts and develop global networks at an early stage.

4. Easy going lifestyle

When one is asked to picture Australia, the first thought is often one of warm weather, sandy beaches and surfers. This thought is not far from the truth as Australia is an extremely laid back society. Acknowledging that studies are often tasking and time consuming, it is advantageous for students to be in a relaxed environment to prevent stress from consuming them. Living in the hassle-free environment that Australia provides is sure to rejuvenate the weariest student. Lastly, the Australian lifestyle encourages adventure and fun, and this country has a lot of both. Scuba dive at the Great Barrier Reef or visit the Sydney Opera house during your free time.

If you are looking for a study destination that will guarantee progressive academic programs alongside exciting opportunities, Australia is the perfect pick for you. Not only will you enjoy living here, you can rest assured that employers will seek you out before you are done with your studies. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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