Bachelor of Commerce is a business oriented degree course that is designed to give the pursuant a qualification in business management with a focus in any discipline in business that they fancy. Generally, students are exposed to a wide range of business in addition to the course that they are majoring in. This means that students interested in Finance for instance, will get adequate knowledge on business management, information systems, statistics, economics, marketing, procurement and logistics.

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Who can study Bachelor of Commerce?

As is with many other things in life, interest does a lot to determine the level of success that you will have in pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce course. Individuals who are looking to get skills in communication, problem solving, financial management, human resource development and management and business administration should take this course and major in the areas of their interest. Options are available for post graduate courses in the areas that a student feels strong at and would like to pursue further education.

In Australia, admission to University programs is based on overall academic achievement in preceding levels of formal education. Another way of determining admission qualification can be based on how much experience you have achieved from non-formal study.

What the course offers

On the onset of the course the student gets to explore the course’s core concepts in accounting, business statistics, management and economics. You can then build on this knowledge as you proceed to the second year and third year where you can choose single major which will give you an opportunity to specialise in one profession and build your skills there in.

There is an option for students to tailor their options to what they see best according to the job market by pairing two majors in one degree program. This enables students to be more ready to address issues that come up in the business arena.

Professionals in the business world have a significant input in Bachelor of Commerce to ensure that students learn what is relevant to the job market.

Career opportunities

In doing Bachelor of Commerce, students are able to get into the following opportunities in the job market. Other than the employment sector, individuals have what it takes to venture into enterprise and start businesses of their own. Wealth creation and management is instilled in various units in the course of study.

There are opportunities in financial institutions like banks and insurance. Managerial skills could be significant in corporate settings, small companies, businesses, multinationals and institutions like non-governmental organisations etc.

Tips for students.

  • You can fast track your program to enable you finish your course in a shorter time to allow you to pursue your career or take post graduate courses. These programs do not compromise on the quality of the course.
  • The world is becoming more and more a global village. With international citizenships individuals can be able to traverse the globe and get better opportunities. As a student, it adds value to take part in international exchange to get the global learning experience. Not only does this give you opportunity to travel but also open you up to new experiences that would come in handy in building your career.
  • Career guidance is important to individuals who are interested in taking Bachelor of Commerce. This will help them make better choices when it comes to the fields they want to major in. It is always beneficial to be aware what your strengths and weaknesses are and to balance them in order to get the most of what is available for you.
  • Pair your majors to get the most out of the program. For instance, a student taking a business management can pair it with human resource management or finance to be more effective in their career of choice as most of the courses complement each other.
  • In the course of study, it is possible and advisable for students to take elective units from other courses. You can take an elective unit in human behavior from Psychology courses to add value to what you are studying.

There is much to benefit in taking Bachelor of Commerce. Follow your interest to the fullest by making informed choices that will give you an upper hand over your peers in the job market. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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