Being procrastinated is one of the biggest problems that a student needs to overcome if he wants good results or success in the future career.

Have you ever seen yourself spending time browsing throughout a lot of websites and media pages while being fully aware that you need to have something done immediately? If you often see yourself in that situation, it is time to stop doing so. You procrastinate.


I know it would be hard to fully focus and stay motivated and determined right from the start. First, let’s get to know the reasons why we procrastinate. After knowing what pulls you back, we will tackle your problems with some of the most effective and useful strategies.

1.      Reasons why we procrastinate

Lack of motivations

This is possibly one of the most common reasons for procrastination. However, motivation is not the thing that would come easily. In most of the cases, you really need to start doing something, see a few good results and then you’ll be motivated enough to continue on doing what you should do. Without knowing about why you should do this task and what you will get in the future, it is hard not to procrastinate for something more pleasant and enjoyable to do. For tips on how to stay motivated visit our article about motivation.

Lack of pressure

When there is a little pressure, it would be hard for you to start and focus on doing things. It is kind of similar to the fact that you don’t have enough motivation.  Imagine that when you don’t have a deadline to finish a paper, or the deadline is so far in the future, you will surely keep procrastinating until the deadline is approaching nearer.

Distractions from social media and the Internet


The Internet contains a lot of fun and interesting contents. And with its ease of accessibility, you can get from one place into another, on and on. Also with a lot of social media pages and people updating their lives on them every minute, people will tend to look at these contents, which is considered to be more pleasant instead of doing what should be done.

You see a task as a too big and overwhelming task

If the task seems to be too big and overwhelming for you, you might have trouble approaching it. You also don’t know where and how to start when dealing with a difficult task. Then undoubtedly, you would feel like procrastinating and prefer doing something else.

There are also a lot of other reasons that could lead us to procrastinate. If you are afraid to fall, you would not want to start doing your task. Also if you lack time management skills as well as other soft skills, you would not be able to overcome distractions and manage your time wisely to actually do something. Fear of failure also a big reason for procrastination as you tend to think there is no point in doing the task as you will surely fail.

2.      Strategies to overcome procrastination

After we learned the most common reasons why we procrastinate, it is time to tackle that problem.

Get rid of the distractions

As I mentioned above, having distractions close to you is one of the main problems for procrastinating. So change your environment and stay away from distractions. For example, you shouldn’t study or work near the TV. If your task requires reading, put your laptop away as well.

Furthermore, consider logging out all of the social media pages. When you find it hard to log in, you will check these pages less often.

And if you think that you can’t study or work at home as there are a lot of distractions, consider study in the library.

Break your task into manageable pieces

If what you have to do seem too big to finish easily and early, you should break it into smaller manageable pieces. Think about a 5000-word essay that you need to finish writing in the next few weeks. In order to prevent you from procrastinated while on this task; divide it into smaller actionable goals. These steps can include choosing a topic, reading materials, planning the structure, write smaller paragraphs and proof reading.

When you break down a big task into smaller tasks, think about which ones are the hardest and most unpleasant among these tasks. When you identify such tasks, get them done first. When you think about the difficult tasks that take you a lot of time and energy to do, you will feel more pressured and hence, try your best to get them done.

Make a list of good things that happen if you stop procrastinating

It is important to know what will happen when you procrastinate or stop doing so. Think about good things that happen to you when you stop procrastinating. And also imagine the bad things as well. Like if you procrastinate, you will leave your essay until the last minute, and then you will rush to do it and end up having a bad grade.

In addition, you should put that list onto the wall so that you can easily see it every day. You would feel more motivated and stop procrastinating to get things done whenever you see the list.

Plan your time wisely

Time management skills are the skills that you need to enhance and improve if procrastination is your big problem. You should plan around your schedule weekly and by term as well. Write your schedule down onto a diary and take note of the time to start working. Write down deadlines on sticky notes and put them all over the places where you have to see them every day.

While you schedule your activities, establish your priorities. The most important things need to be dealt with first.

Finally, you should do difficult tasks when you are rested and most alert during the day.

Be persistent and patient

You need to make a huge effort to develop the good habit of dealing with things as soon as possible instead of postponement.

Also be patient. You should be aware that good habits can only be formed after at least 21 days. Hence, to begin with, you should learn what strategies work best for you, follow them and make the most effort to do so every day. There is no short cut for this problem and it surely takes time and effort before you can truly beat procrastination.

Other strategies to beat procrastination

  • Apply remember and forgetting technique. When you remember that you forget about something, start doing it immediately.
  • Besides making a list of good things and bad things that happen to you when you stop procrastinating or do so, you also should set rewards for yourself when you finish a difficult task. These rewards could be the activities that you enjoy doing including listening to music or watching TV. Instead of having these activities first, only do so when you get something done.
  • Think positively. Talk to yourself that you will be able to do the task, no matter how difficult it is.
  • If you still feel stuck, ask for help from friends or your personal tutor. The tutor will help to give advice on your problems while your friends will help you to stick to your plan.

Staying focused on what are important to you is one of the hardest skills that you would ever have to learn. There are a lot of things that lead to procrastination such as lack of pressures, lack of motivation, lack of essential skills or when you consider a task is too big to handle.

So in order to stop procrastinating and be more focused on your studying, you should avoid distractions and create yourself a good working or studying environment. Break your task into smaller pieces and make a list of good things that will happen when you stop procrastinate are two of the things you should do as well. I hope with all of the information above, you would be able to start working and get things done without any waste of time at all.

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