There is an old saying which says “Change is the only thing that is constant in the world”. Ironic as it may seem, change is definitely a thing that will always happen. And there is nothing you can do but embrace it. While it is hard to accept changes at first, if you know how to cope with changes well, it will be more beneficial for you. Changes can make your life better. Or you can improve your skills and become stronger when you successfully cope with a change.


If you are currently having problems dealing with changes in your life, think that changes are overwhelming and uncontrollable and want to resist changes, this article is for you. Dealing with changes can be tough and here are some tips you can do in order to welcome changes and make your life easier.

Here are a few tips that help you to cope with change:

Talk to other people and seek help

Don’t take it all to yourself. If the problem is overwhelming and you can’t control it, seek help from other people. You can talk to your family members, your friends or your teachers. You can also seek help from the Student Services at your university.

They would be able to offer you valuable advice. They can also help you to see things from different perspectives. In addition, they can offer you help to get you through the tough times of your life.

You can share your difficulties in coping with changes with people who have been through your situations as well. They would be able to share your feelings and offer you advice based on what they have done to cope with changes themselves.

Be patient with yourself

Your body and your mind need time to adjust to change. Hence, be patient with yourself. You should think about your ability and how much you can handle the change at one time.

For example, when you have to get up earlier for an early lecture, take time to adjust the schedule. Instead of suddenly wake up early in the morning, gradually wake up 10 to 20 minutes earlier each day. Your body would have time to adjust and you would be able to deal with this change without feeling uncomfortable.


Remember to take actions in order to control the situation of changes better. For example, you should set some goals which are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and timely). Make a plan of what you can do to cope with changes and stick with it even through the hard times.

Think about the positive

This could be possibly one of the most important things that you should do if you want to cope with changes effectively.

I know it is reasonable for you to be afraid of changes. After all, people will fear the unknown things that come with changes. However, you should also be aware that it does you no good if you are too scared to do anything. In addition, when you are afraid of changes, you would become panic. This leads to resistance to change. That is the reason to explain why having positive thoughts can guide you through the time you have to cope with changes.

  • Don’t panic when you have to encounter changes. Spend time on thinking things through carefully. Imagine all of the possible things- both the best and worst that could come to you. For example, when you have to move to another city, you have to say goodbyes to your old friends and family members. However, you would be able to make new friends and seek more opportunities. In addition, you can still chat with your old friends and visit them later on.
  • You should focus on thinking about all of the good things that come. You can write down the good things that come with change. Write them all on a note and hang it in the place where you can easily see.
  • Another way of thinking to help you get through the tough time of change is to think about the last time you have to encounter the same problem. Think back to what you felt, what you did to overcome difficulties and how you would have felt afterwards. More importantly, think about the good things that happen to you since that time.
  • You will realise that all of the problems are not as hard as they might see. And sooner or later, you will overcome all of them.

Sometimes, people are afraid of changes because they think that these problems are too overwhelming and out of their control. Hence, they become afraid of change.

  • You have to admit that in some situation, changes and the outcomes that come with them are beyond your control.
  • There is nothing you can do but to make yourself comfortable with this fact. Accept that changes can lead to negative outcomes.
  • However, you can still learn and grow when you cope with changes. You can become stronger and more adaptive. Think about these positive things instead of considering changes as setbacks.

Find time to relax


When you are expecting changes or currently having to deal with them, you will often feel stressed. It is such a common state of mind when you are worried about the uncertainty or the discomfort that any change would bring to your normal life. But being stressed will do you no good at all. It will draw you away from positive thoughts and exhaust your mind as well as your body.

That is the reason why finding time to relax is very important. And here are a few things that you can do to help yourself to become more relaxed:

  • Practise meditating. Take deep breathes.
  • Go out for a walk to ease your mind. Alternatively, you can hang out with your friends to simply talk to them or discuss your problems.
  • Spend time to read a book or watch a movie.
  • Indulge yourself in a warm bath. Drop in a few drops of relaxing essential oils such as lavender or rosemary.

Remember that during the times that you have to cope with changes, it is important that you stay healthy. Have a balanced diet, drink more water and sleep for at least 7 to 8 hours per day. And don’t forget to exercise. A healthy lifestyle will prepare you to have the best physical and mental health for you to deal with anything that would happen to your life.


Changes are things that will happen occasionally in your life. Especially when you are a student, there are certainly many changes that you have to learn to deal with. At first, it is overwhelming and challenging for you to accept and adapt to change. However, as long as you have positive thoughts and try to adjust yourself gradually, you will be able to deal with any change that comes. Don’t forget that you can still seek help from other people around you- your friends and family members as well as your teachers and the student services at the school and university. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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