While you might believe that strong grades alone will help you land the job, this is not true. Extra-curricular experience is exceedingly important in today’s competitive business world, as it reveals to your employer the skills you possess.

More specifically, extra-curricular activities show transferable skills that might be of great value in your workplace, in addition to demonstrating your soft skills. These soft skills include time management, training, leadership, teamwork, responsibility, dedication, and community involvement.

While certain extra-curricular activities might be relevant for specific jobs, most of the activities that you will participate in will have no direct connection to your profession. Either way, below we will show you the extra-curricular activities that you should include in your resume.


1. Student Community

Participating in the student community might involve elected positions like the student council. Involvement in such senior positions provides you with invaluable experience in regards to leadership, responsibility, and organizational skills.

Additionally, the student community allows you to engage with a large network of diverse individuals whom you are representing. This constant interaction builds your social and communication skills, and makes you a more approachable person. All of these attributes are great for the workplace.

2. Volunteering

Volunteering is one of the most selfless acts you can take part in, and this social work can include lending a hand at an animal shelter, helping out at your local charity shop, fundraising for a good cause, and serving at a soup kitchen.

Not only does volunteering show that you are good citizen, it also shows your employers that you are able to commit your time to an activity that does not result in personal gain. Volunteering also helps you learn how to function responsibly as part of a big organization, and highlights your ability to take initiative in your community instead of sitting down and waiting to be approached.

extra curricular activities

3. Sports

Playing on a sports team is more than just improving your level of fitness. Playing on a sports team clearly shows your dedication and teamwork abilities, which are highly valued in all job positions. Furthermore, sports teams develop your ability to enjoy and excel in competitive environments.

4. Performing Arts

Performing arts can involve everything from theatre and dance, to music and orchestra. If you have never been involved in these performing arts, I can assure you that it takes guts to get up on stage in front of a crowd of strangers and dance, act, or sing, to the best of your abilities.

Participation in the performance arts therefore shows confidence, which is great when making presentations and pitches. Additionally, participation in performing arts demonstrates self-discipline and commitment, as well as creativity and teamwork.

5. Blogging

We live in a digital age where it is extremely easy to communicate with a wide audience, and share your thoughts and ideas. Blogging is a platform that sets the stage for this interaction, and by setting up a blog and maintaining it you show your employers initiative, creativity, and commitment.

Additionally, your blog is often a manifestation of your passion, and if this is the same way you will approach your job your employers will be excited to have you onboard.

6. Peer Mentoring

Not all schools and colleges have a peer mentoring programs, but you can easily find an opportunity like this in your local area. Participation in a peer mentoring program involves you interacting with grade school, high school, and college students, and providing them with tutoring and advice.

This not only shows your empathy and willingness to help other people out (emotional intelligence), it also highlights your proficiency in the area of study you are teaching.

7. Foreign Language

We live in a globalized world, where interaction with people outside of our culture occurs on a daily basis. Studying a foreign language and becoming proficient in it will make you an asset in your workplace, as it gives you the chance to communicate with an array of clientele outside of your country.

It also shows versatility that may increase the number of locations you might visit, or even be placed as part of your job. You can also include conversational language skills in your resume, but do not overstate your proficiency.


As you can see, there are a number of extra-curricular activities that you can add to your resume. However, I must stress the fact that padding your resume with loads of activities only shows your lack of focus and commitment-especially if these activities are passing interests.

Instead you should choose the activities that you are most passionate about, and which show your skills in the best possible light.

Good luck on your resume and job hunt! Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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