Five Top Tips To Apply for University Scholarship

When it is near the start dates of university semesters, many students start to think about the cost of study and if they can afford it or not. Fortunately, it is common that universities offer scholarships that can help ease the financial burden. It is a misconception that grades have to be straight High Distinction’s in order to get a scholarship, but this is simply not always the case. Yes, grades place an important role, but you don’t have to have all top scores in order to secure a college scholarship. If you’re ready to start applying for university scholarships, remember the following tips that will help to win the awards:

1. Monitor and Start early

Most people don’t start thinking about scholarships until they are just about ready to look for a university, but what they don’t realize is that scholarship deadlines are different for different universities, and can be different for different faculties in the same university. Start researching the many college scholarships available early and record down a list noting the application dates as well as requirements. Feel free to begin doing this as soon as you can. Then, you’ll be one step ahead of many and your application and paperwork are sorted out early, which may improve your winning chance at being awarded the scholarship.

2. Apply as many as you can

Don’t go with only one or two applications with the assumption that you’ll win; look out and submit for as many scholarships as you can and eligible for. It is easy that your chance to be successful is proportional to the number of your applications. At the first sight, this may take lot of effort and time, but once you fill out one or two applications, you can reuse all existing paperwork such as academic transcripts, recommendation letters, and you’ll get the hang of it and easily be able to use your answers from one application to a new one. Also, instead of writing a new fresh application letter for each scholarship, you’ll most likely be able to tweak an existing one.

3. Have a plan and follow it

Scholarship offers are limited in number and always difficult to get, so take some time to create a plan to make your application stand out. So prepare to make your application stand out. It is just like job application where thousands of people may apply for the same on. Much consideration should be placed on the kind of paper you use, the envelope you mail it in, the size of font you use. Also having everything in order in the envelope is helpful and may help to speed up the application process which does give you an edge over others who rush through it all.

4. Show your extracurricular activities

Show the reviewers that you can do more than academic achievement. If you’ve been involved in extra-curricular activities, worked a job, won awards, and so on, let it be known. If you’re in high school now, consider taking on an extracurricular activity that interests you, as doing so can show that you are motivated and disciplined. The committee wants to get a feel for who you are and your motivation levels. If you’ve taken on extra activities or have acquired a great work ethic at a young age, these things will differentiate you from another candidate with the same academic achievement.

5. Excel in essays

Many students are afraid of the essay part of the college scholarship application.Unfortunately, in order to get the scholarship, this is one of the most important requirements. Excel your application letter writing improve chances of winning the scholarship increase. Take some time to work on and ask your friends to help your essay writing skills. Ask a teacher or some friend who got a scholarship before to assist you with the process. It always take practice especially when it is the first time that you apply for a scholarship..

Being awarded a college scholarship can be easier than what you think. As mentioned before, prepare early, do your research, and apply as many as you can. Contact the committee directly if you have any concern, ask your friends, colleague seniors, or teacher for help. Start noting down your list of scholarships from today, so when the time comes for application, everything is ready for you. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

One comment on “Five Top Tips To Apply for University Scholarship

  • there are a lot of scholarship types. You should study and know what you’re applying for really clearly in order not to be off track.
    Don’t be afraid and shamed to apply, you’re simply giving you a chance and chances are equal to anybody.
    I’m not good enough for a full schorlarship but I had applied several times before I got in Sydney. The pressure you feel will harden you so I see no negative points on making effort to rise high.

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