Getting into app development - A future-proof career move

Looking at our careers through a future-proof lens is a relatively new classification. Although with technology advancing to a point where human resources are being replaced by automation, not to mention recent global events putting pressure on the way we work… thinking deeply about your next career move will only serve you. App development is an industry that is experiencing enormous growth, with work opportunities gaining momentum as businesses seek out the services of those who are skilled at programming for mobile apps.

1) An industry of continuous improvement

One may claim that there are some jobs that can be taught once and remain unchanged throughout our career. You won’t find that in app development, as the industry strives on continuous improvement so you won’t just keep up with the trends and future ways of working, you will likely be part of the movement itself. Don’t you want to influence the ways in which we interact and engage with technology? In fact, clients will reach out to you specifically for assistance in improving their offering or making their brand more accessible to the market.

2) A data-driven role

App developers utilise a number of data sources and work closely with specialists who collect, test and implement data insights into app builds. This places you in a position where you can see global trends and their unique origins, and have a deep understanding of the way certain markets perform. You will also get access to interesting insights that have been collected by the clients you work with and can sink your teeth into a market that is performing in such a way that can be leveraged through your designs. By pursuing a role that works with consumer and market trends, you will never be put in a position where you have limited control over your future as you will see these trends coming a mile away.

3) Exposure to a range of clients

You will never feel like you have tunnel vision when you work at an app development agency and are working directly with clients in the health, retail, education, entertainment and commercial sectors. You might even work on a project for an industry you have never heard of before. This exposure opens you up to new opportunities to upskill, and it might even guide you to your next career move or help you find an app development niche that you want to experience more of. When you are at the centre of innovation for a number of industries – it’s hard not to develop a forward-thinking experience base that can be applied to a number of roles and scopes.

4) Fine-tune your strategic capabilities

Some roles make you feel like another cog in the machine, doing a role but not implementing any real strategy. App development is an entirely strategic role, applying your skills to bring a user-friendly product that serves the function of your client in question. Strategy roles are always future-proof because they are quick to change and can interpret barriers and blockers that can prohibit the success of a strategy. App developers will typically use scrum and agile methodologies – which can be translated to all projects. App development doesn’t mean you are trapped behind a desk implementing updates – you are looking at your projects form all angles and informing real outcomes.

Getting into app development - A future-proof career move_2

Consider getting into app development and making a switch to a truly future-proof career which affords you fantastic scope and a love for the work you do, delivering value with every project. Whether you get formal training or learn on the job, this will not be a career change you regret or one that won’t impart skills to take to your next chapter. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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