A new year is going to start, and final year students are on their way to graduation. Many of you may start to wonder where to go next after graduating. Don’t worry, there will be a lot of jobs opening for you in Australia. This article will provide you with graduate jobs in various industries that you can choose to apply for.

1) What graduate jobs are available in 2017?

Graduate Jobs 2017

Job programs that are easy to find

There are currently many companies openly accepting graduate students. These are large companies that have set up their own recruitment programs. Thanks to them, you can find graduate jobs in a wide range of areas.

  • Accounting & Finance: Ernst & Young (EY) is offering multiple positions until August 12th. KPMG also offers graduate positions in various areas in until August 28th. Deloitte has positions opening with the earliest deadline on July 19th, so hurry up before other positions are closed. The Australian National Audit Office and Australian Office of Financial Management are also governmental organizations looking for graduate candidates in audit positions
  • Human Resources: These positions are available at Transurban, NSW Government, Vodafone Housing WA, ALDI with the earliest deadline on July 24th.
  • Sales/Marketing/Communication: Unilever and P&G are the first names to look for when it comes to sales and marketing. Other organizations hiring are IBM, Transurban Group, UNSW Australia with the earliest deadline on July 24th.
  • Information technology: Available at Optiver Queensland Government, Proforce with the earliest deadline on August 2nd, or you can search for almost any startup as they are constantly looking for programmers.
  • Design: Go Abroad China and Deloitte are a few companies that offer these positions with the earliest deadline on July 29th. But you’d better look for freelance design jobs, which are abundant on freelance platforms.
  • Engineering: Jacobs, Transurban Group, Vodafone, GSK, Orica, PwC are accepting applications for engineering positions, with the earliest deadline on July 24th.

The perk of these programs is that they are easy to find on the web with little effort and time spent. However, these firms are the desired destinations of many other graduates, so you will need to try really hard to get offers for these positions.

Private programs

There are companies that don’t announce their recruitment publicly and their programs are not held on a regular basis. We will discuss this further on how to find these companies in the next section.

2) Where to find graduate programs to get graduate jobs?

In the section above, we gave you some companies with jobs opening for graduates. However, these account for only a small portion of the recruitment market. To help you maximize your potential for getting a graduate job, we will provide you with instructions to find jobs from companies yourself.

Job portals

Using job portal and classifieds websites such as Studentbees is the most popular method of searching for jobs these days due to its simplicity, convenience, and ease. Users will have many ways to look for jobs on these platforms: type the desired job into the search bar, using industry filter, as well as the working location. Again, since this is the easiest method, people tend to prefer it over other methods, which makes companies listed here targets for competition. So you need to get yourself ready before applying.

Company websites

Job portals use computer programs or human labor to post new jobs onto their website once they find new information on the web. Therefore, there will be delays between the time a job is posted at the original source and when it is re-posted on job platforms. So, if you have any favorite companies, you should bookmark their website and check them regularly to enjoy the perks of being an early bird. If there is a job advertisement of a company on the job portal, chances are they will appear in the Career section of the company website first.

University portals to help their students get graduate jobs

Universities now know that helping their students get graduate jobs increases their reputation as an education provider. Thus, they provide a lot of additional services besides academic programs such as career counseling, CV writing training. Best of all, universities have started to form partnerships or build contacts with companies to retrieve information about graduate jobs and opportunities for students. The university portals usually list jobs and opportunities opening for their students, so make sure to check them out while monitoring your academic activities.

Online communities


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We now turn to the more difficult, time-consuming but maybe more rewarding method. Some companies don’t post their jobs on job portals and prefer to recruit through personal recommendations or sources which they believe are able to ensure candidate’s quality. They often resort to technical forums where professionals and amateurs in a field gather, exchange and learn from one another. For example, GradConnection has an accounting section on its forum dedicated to helping students in accounting to find jobs in this field. Some companies may be desperate for employees that they will post their job advertisements on social networks such as Facebook Page and Facebook groups.

Get local to find graduate jobs in your area

Look for jobs that are near you through the local newspaper and geo-location services such as SpotJobs. You will be able to find graduate jobs near your location if it is difficult for you to move to another place.

Hunt for companies that offer graduate jobs

Some companies may not actively search for graduates. So it is your job to convince them otherwise. Look for company directories such as Nationwide business Directory, find one company that you think are suitable and approach them. Express your interest in their company and maybe you’ll be able to make a difference. The hard part is to convince them that you may be a valuable contribution to their operations. The upside is that there is less competition, so your chance of getting hired is higher.

Now you know where to find for graduate jobs in 2017. Start searching and applying for those jobs now before it’s too late. If you know any other great sources to search for graduate jobs, please share with us and our peer students in the comment.

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