jWorking in the hospitality and tourism industry is very challenging but also rewarding and interesting. If you like to take your career path in this industry, you should prepare yourself for the needed degrees and skills.

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Check the article below to see all you need to know about the hospitability and travel degrees, what you will learn, and how a university degree can help you with the career of your choice. There are also some other tips about the skills that you need to successfully apply and work for a job in hospitability and tourism industry.

Why Is A Job In Hospitality And Tourism Suitable For You?

Before we get into more details about the degrees available in hospitability and tourism, let’s look at some features about the industry to see whether it is interesting enough for you:

Hospitability and tourism

  • When you work in the hospitability and tourism industry, you would work in hotels, restaurants or clubs, to name just a few. They all have busy working environments. So you should expect to work in a fast-paced and highly pressured working environment. Not to mention that dealing with customers can be tough and tricky. It could be stressful but if you like it, you will never feel bored in your job.
  • Another thing that you can experience when you work in this industry is that you have a great chance to travel or work aboard. If you find it hard to travel or relocate, a job in the hospitability and tourism industry might not be suitable for you. Otherwise, you would have a chance to experience new cultures and broaden your knowledge.
  • Other benefits that you have with a job in the hospitability and tourism industry are good chances for promotions. In addition, some jobs offer you training on the job- which allows you to enhance your knowledge and earn money at the same time.

Why Do You Need A Degree In Hospitability And Tourism Industry?

There are several paths you can follow if you want to secure a job in the above-mentioned industry. Whether you are a school leaver or a graduate, you can still find your chance. But in my opinion, being a graduate is better as it provides you more chances and opportunities.

First of all, if you apply for a degree course in hospitability and tourism, most of the colleges and universities in Australia would provide you with placements.  You will gain more experience while you are studying. You can also have a great chance to network and secure a job even before you graduate.

Second of all, having a degree course in hospitability and tourism surely makes you look more qualified, and hence, more employable. Even if you don’t want a job in the hospitability and tourism, you find it easier to get a job in other industry with a university degree.

And last but not least, with a degree in hospitability and tourism, you will be able to advance into a higher management role. Getting a job through apprenticeship can also lead you to a managerial position. And it depends largely on your own skills and capabilities. However, for most of the cases, it would be easier for you to get a job in a higher position if you have a degree in hospitability and tourism. Also, the position would be higher and you can expect to get a higher salary given the fact that other conditions are the same.

Types Of Hospitability And Tourism Degrees

There are 3 main types of hospitability and tourism degrees that you can apply for in the university. They offer some same subjects such as human resources or marketing, with different focuses on tourism, hospitability, and aviation.

1.     Tourism and Leisure

What Will You Learn In This Course? In this degree, you would learn mostly about tourism such as tourism planning, tourism management, and tourism marketing. You also learn about the motivation and behaviour of tourists, to name just a few. In addition, further topics about different kinds of tourism and how they impact on the social, cultural, and economic environment also bring you a more thoughtful insight into tourism.

What Job Can You Get? After you graduate, you can get a chance to work for a travel agency to be in charge of planning tours or promoting tours. You can become a tour manager or a tour officer. You can also work as a travel agency manager or customer service manager.

2.     Tourism And Hospitability Management

La Trobe University in Australia

What Will You Learn In This Course? Some universities such as La Trobe offer you a wide range of certifications such as the Responsible Service of Alcohol, Responsible Service of Food, and Galileo certification (you can follow this link here for more information). Besides essential topics such as finance, accounting, and marketing, you also learn about key skills in accommodation management, service operation management, and food and beverage services, to name just a few. You would learn about both of the tourism-related subjects and hospitability-related subjects

What Job Can You Get? After you graduate from this course, you can go on to work as a travel consultant or a tour operator. You can also work in marketing or planning events. Other jobs include hotel, restaurant, conference and event managers.

3.     Hospitability Management/ International Hospitability Management

Hospitality and tourism

What Will You Learn In This Course? In this course, you will learn about a wide range of hospitability businesses and how to manage them (the above courses also include subjects in tourism). You also learn about customer services, customer behaviours, and human resources. For some courses, you also learn about food science and nutrition.

What Job Can You Get? After you graduate, you can apply for jobs such as a manager in a hotel or a restaurant. In most cases, these jobs would require experience that you have gained during your placement year. However, if you have little experience, you can start by working as an assistant for a manager in a hotel or restaurant.

4.     Airline and Airport Management

What Will You Learn In This Course? In this course, you would learn about the operations of airlines and airports. Other subjects you have to learn would include subjects in business management, organisational management, and human resources.

What Job Can You Get? With a degree in airline and airport management, you have a chance to become airline management or a front manager of an airport. You also need to deliver high standards of customer service as well as safety on an airplane or at an airport.

Different universities have different courses and subjects. You should check each university separately for more information. Popular and reputational universities in Australia which offer courses in hospitability and tourism degree include Griffith University, Monash University, La Trobe University, the University of Queensland, and the University of South Australia.

Skills That You Need To Have To Get A Job In The Industry

There are several skills that employers would look for in a potential employee. Here are the most critical skills that you need to have in order to secure a job in the industry and also do well in your job:

  • Language Skills: Hospitability and tourism industry involves working with international customers and travelling overseas. Hence, it is preferable that you should be able to speak at least 2 languages fluently.
  • Communication Skills: You have to communicate with other people, especially customers on a daily basis. Hence, communication skills with a strong focus on customers are crucial to the success of your future career. You also need to deal with enquires and complaints quite a lot. As a result, employers would highly appreciate potential candidates who have negotiation and persuasion skills.
  • Other skills that you would need in order to do well in your job in this industry include teamwork skills, leadership skills, and sound commercial awareness.

Above are few things that you need to know about hospitability and tourism degree courses which are available in Australia. There are 2 main pathways for you to get a job in the industry, which are with a university degree and through apprenticeship. In term of degrees, there are 4 main types, including tourism and leisure, hospitability management, tourism and hospitability management, and airline and airport management. Besides your degree, there are many other skills that you need to enhance in order to secure a job in this industry.

I hope that with all of the information above, you would be able to prepare well and then get your dream job in hospitability and tourism industry. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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