Between two candidates with the same ability, experience and knowledge, the one who knows how to build a good personal brand will have a better chance to find his or her dream job.

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Referring to personal brand, many people think that you have to become famous. But it’s not true. That includes competency, mindset, and self-confidence that you have and how you influence others.

I want to introduce to you a series of articles about personal branding. These articles were written from true experiences. You will understand the secret to succeed in the recruitment market and get the right mindset of personal branding.

If you have a good personal brand, you will have more opportunities opened to you. The hiring manager will be actively seeking you. Let yourself become an intelligent passive job seeker.

What will you learn from this series of personal branding articles?

  • How to differentiate a personal brand and tools to promote it
  • The most important factor of your personal brand
  • How to leverage your personal brand in job search
  • A mindset that you need to have to become a successful job seeker
  • What makes your CV stand out?
  • Do you really need an online CV?

Through a series of five articles, you’ll also learn how to shine at networking events if you are shy, how to have self-confidence, what the recruiters are thinking about you, how to make positive impressions in the first 30 seconds.

Let’s start with personal branding!

  1. What Is Personal Branding and How to Leverage It in Job Search?
  2. What Makes a Successful Job Seeker’s CV Different?
  3. Networking Skills at Live Event for The Shy and Timid
  4. What are the Recruiters Thinking?
  5. How should You Appear to Make the Interviewer Want to Hire You? Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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