Studying at University is not only a big opportunity that lets students grow and improve themselves via academic and extracurricular activities, but it is also quite hard and challenging since they may be exhausted, and experience stress after months of complete engrossment in their campus life.

If you are a university student, especially one who is facing this problem and looking for some ways to refresh yourself after hard study, or those who are interested in a healthy lifestyle, follow us to the end of this post.  Our solutions are mindfulness, meditation, and yoga.

1. What are mindfulness, meditation, and yoga?


Although these terms become more and more popular in the media, some are still unclear about these methods. Keep on reading to find out what they are.

Mindfulness is our basic ability to be fully aware of where we are and what we are doing without being overly reactive or overwhelmed by what is going on around us. In other words, it is the art of noticing the present moment. Daily practicing helps us to pause, get a clearer overview of a situation, and respond more skillfully. Meditation is often practised in a lot of religious traditions. It may be practised differently from country to country. Even though people use various forms of practice like mindfulness or focusing the mind on a particular object, thought, or activity, they aim to train their attention and achieve emotional calm and a perfectly stable state.

While mindfulness and meditation are “healthy foods” for our brain, yoga can be considered the “best drink” for both our bodies and mind. It has various styles, and they all combine physical movements, breathing techniques, and meditation or relaxation. It is the art of understanding ourselves which connects our mind, body, and spirit.


2. Health Benefits of Meditation, Mindfulness, and Yoga

They are quick, easy, free methods for de-stressing

It’s true to say that mindfulness, meditation, and yoga are quick, easy, and free methods for de-stressing. As we know, to practise these methods we don’t need any equipment, but our own bodies. Are you a university student, who is living in a boarding house or dorm? You just need to choose a quiet and small area fitting yourself, then spend about 30 minutes to an hour a day for them. It’s better to practise with your friends or with the support of an instructor, but you can learn more about them through Youtube or many other online resources, and practise on your own. After the first try, you will experience their wonderful benefits, especially releasing stress effectively, since all of them are the “healthiest food and drinks” for your mind and body.

They help improve your productivity and studies

Like an engine needs petrol to run, human needs energy to live and work. As a university student, how can you keep up with the amount of knowledge that you need to learn and how do you overcome so many challenges in life? You need to prepare for yourselves with a good timetable, a determined mind, and extremely good physical and mental health. Practising mindfulness, meditation or yoga can help you refresh both your mind and body to be ready for the next successful day. Moreover, they also bring you a better and more powerful brain which can help you more focused on your studying and find solutions for any problem, especially when taking examinations. As a result, you may achieve a better overall academic performance thanks to them. That is why we are confident to tell you these three forms are essential to improve your productivity and studies.

They benefit your physical and mental health

Mentioning about benefits of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga we cannot ignore their important role in keeping you a good physical and mental health. Practising them every day, especially yoga, you can get core strength and flexibility. As a student at university, you may sit hunched over a desk for a really long time, which leads to chronic pain and reduces breathing capacity. Yoga will make you understand more about your body and train the muscles to align correctly. This will help you to have a good body image. Besides, meditation and mindfulness both give you a more positive attitude towards every situation since you will learn a way to control your own emotion after the first few times practising these methods.


They bring you a better social life at University

When you have a good habit of practising mindfulness, meditation, or yoga every day, your personality surely will be better. You won’t be affected much by many other negative forms of entertainment like playing games, going to a bar,  or surfing the internet to kill time, which all cost money and your valuable time. In addition, with good control of feelings and a creative, powerful brain thanks to these daily practices, you will be more successful in sharing your ideas in class, be calm while listening to others’ feedback and be more confident in all settings. Furthermore, you may find many new friends who have the same passion as you from meditation, mindfulness, or yoga clubs at your university. “Show me your friends, I’ll show you your future.” It’s not false to determine that these good relationships will bring you a better future.

After knowing about all the positive effects of mindfulness, meditation, and yoga on students’ life, you now really want to try at least one of them right away, right? Don’t hesitate to read the last but not least information about how to start.

3. How can students get started?


Starting to practise yoga and meditation is really simple. Let’s begin your journey with some basic steps below:

– First, prepare the answer in your mind for this question which one is your favorite? – Mindfulness, meditation, or yoga?

– Then, determine the most convenient time to practise it every day. You can start slowly by practicing a few times a week only.

–  After that, turn on your laptop or mobile phone, choose and download your favorite app to start learning deep breathing techniques, following guided meditations, mindfulness or yoga, and enjoying their abundant benefits.

– Some best apps that you can try are Daily Yoga, Aura (an effective meditation platform), and Buddhify (a mindfulness app).

Hopefully, you have learned about the benefits of these extremely healthy practices through our article. Choose the best suitable one for yourself and keep on practising to release all stress, have a good image, improve your productivity and study as well as have a better social life when being a university student. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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