Are you wondering what courses to study to improve your chances of employment post-graduation? It helps to take a look at current and future employment trends. Certain industries, including health care, education, and information technology, are projecting long-term growth. Whether you’re a current student or recent graduate, you should find no shortage of openings for the following types of professionals. … Read More

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) is a leading Australian University located in Kensington; a mere 7 Km from Sydney’s centre. This perfectly located University ranks high in all areas of academia, and as a result its graduates are highly sought after. Students here benefit from progressive learning, quality facilities and innovative project work; which all underline the universities commitment to teaching. Below we will explore some of the features that makes the UNSW so exceptional.… Read More

The University of Technology Sydney (UTS) is a leading Australian university that was established in 1988, but has roots spanning nearly 100 years. This high performance university embodies Sydney’s dynamic and vibrant attributes, and it offers its 27,000 culturally diverse students original and all-inclusive internationally recognized degrees. This article presents a comprehensive University of Technology Sydney review, as we try and determine what makes it stand out.
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In today’s interconnected world, there is a lot of sharing of information and culture. It is therefore not surprising that many students have opted to further their studies in foreign countries, as a way of broadening their perspectives. Australia has emerged ahead of other countries as it is currently home to a high percentage of foreign students from South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. The reasons these students have decided to study abroad are numerous, ranging from Australia’s excellent education system to its diverse culture and its wonderful living environment. During this article we will show why you should study in Australia.
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Australia second largest university is located in Parkville, Melbourne; North of the city’s CBD. Established in 1853, the University of Melbourne has definitely earned its title as the No.1 University in Australia (Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2013-14), and the No.31 university in the World (QS World University rankings 2013-14). During this article we will explore the most prominent benefits associated with studying at this University.
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  The government website for studying in Australia: It has multiple languages ranging from English, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesian to Chinese and Vietnamese. It provides general information about the lifestyle, education system, English courses, scholarships and estimated living expenses in Australia. This is an Australian site of a global website called International Student .… Read More

  Most of us are enjoying the summer break with lots of festivals and activities across different cities in Australia. But February is approaching and most universities around Australia start their Autumn semester in late February. It might be the perfect time for you to go through your pile of text books from last semester,… Read More