Mid-semester break is there for a reason. For many people, mid-semester break week is a chance for them to take a break from uni work and go on holiday. It is also a great chance to ease any stress and prepare our best possible state of mind for the upcoming exams and assignments. And since there would be a lot of exams coming up, the semester break is an ideal time for you to catch up with your course.


To make the most use of your semester break, you need to be as productive as possible. Below are some of the tips on how to study effectively for exams which work for me, making my study during the break effective and productive.

Make plan of what to do during your mid-semester break

The semester break will go by really fast. Hence, you should have a detailed plan to make sure you can get as many things done as possible.


• Write down the assignments and exams that you have after the break. Also, take notes of all the things that you have to do. List them on the list of paper.
• Set the targets and goals as well. They need to be achievable within the time limit of 1-2 weeks. There are many things such as writing some paragraphs for your essays, reading a few chapters from the core textbooks.
• After you write down all of the things that you have to do, you need to prioritise them. Which one is the most important, you need to do first. Also, a big task such as writing a lengthy essay should be considered to be done first because of the amount of work that needs to be done. If you postpone writing a 5000-word essay for the last day, for example, it will be unlikely that you will finish it on time.
• You should also think about the rewards that you only give to yourself once you finish things that you have planned. These rewards will help to motivate you more effectively. There are some things like if you finish reading some chapters a day; you will treat yourself to a dinner with your friends. Or you can enjoy yourself watching a film after you finish your assignments.

Find a comfortable study zone to make study productive

A study zone without distractions will help you to be more focused on your study.

• If you decide to study at home, you need to get rid of the distractions. Find a place which is far from the TV or the bed. Also, decide to put your phone away when you study to make the most use of your time.


• It would be quite hard to find a comfortable study zone if you go back to your parent home for the break. In case you find it hard to focus when you study at home, you can also come to the library. Or any place where you find yourself motivated such as your favourite Starbucks or coffee shops.
• The time you decide to sit at the desk and start reading as well as studying is also very important. Think about the time, whether it is in the morning, afternoon or evening that you feel the most productive. No matter what time you choose to study, you shouldn’t stay up late. It is the least productive and will cause significant damages to both of your mental health and physical health in the long run.
• No matter where decide to study in, being able to self-control is one of the most important things that will increase or decrease your productivity during the break. Think about the good things that will happen if you focus on your studying as well as the bad things which may occur if you fail to catch up with your study.

Make time to relax, go out and talk to people


While the mid-semester break is an excellent chance for you to catch up with your study and prepare for the upcoming exams and assignments, it is also a great chance for you to relax. You will be more productive if you can balance well between your time for studying and relaxing.
• You should plan some breaks between your study sessions. It is ideal if you can take a break of 10 to 15 minutes after 45 minutes of studying. Having a break in between your study sessions will help to increase your memory and refresh your mind for your brain to take in new information.
• During the break, you can stay at your desk in order to do some stretching exercises. You can also listen to some songs or watch a few funny clips. Going out and talking to people are also great ideas.
• Last but not least, the mid-semester break can be as busy as other weeks. Nevertheless, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle including sleeping for at least 8 hours per day, drinking plenty of water and having a balanced diet.

Get your library books out in advance

During the semester break, you should also spend time on reading books which are the most important for your courses. If you don’t have your own textbook copies, you should plan to book them in advance from the library as they will be very in high demand. This will help you to have something to read during this week.

Final Words

Mid-semester break with its name doesn’t mean that you have an extra week to relax. In fact, you should spend this time to make a plan of what you have to do and get some books from the library for reading. Also, don’t forget to go out and meet other people. Only when you have the best state of mind possible, could you be able to study better and more effectively. That is the reason why you should never underestimate the importance of a productive semester break week.

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