Maintaining a healthy lifestyle amidst a busy schedule, lack of supervision and the abundance of unhealthy food is quite difficult. However, it is not impossible.

Below I have collected helpful tips that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle while studying in a university. You can easily implement the tips I will provide below.


1. Walk away from the microwave

While microwave meals are a quick and inexpensive dietary option, there are often very unhealthy. It is therefore recommended for you stay away from meals like noodles so that you can stay healthy.

There are plenty of stores that sell freshly cooked food at cheap prices; locate the ones that are in your area.

2. Cook meals in bulk

One thing that puts students off eating healthy is time. However, it is a misconception that healthy meals take long to prepare. What you can do is buy some meat and large amounts of vegetables, and prepare a meal that can be refrigerated and eaten throughout the week.

By doing this you do not have to spend time each day planning and preparing for your meal.

3. Cook with your housemates

Another thing that puts students off eating healthy is cost. However, you can tackle this issue by splitting the cost with your housemates. Choose a healthy meal, buy the ingredients, and cook it with your mates, and you can enjoy a well-balanced diet without a high price tag.

4. Use food and drink discounts

Many universities offer food and drink cards, with special discounts for on-campus locations. Additionally, many off-campus restaurants have food and drink discounts for local students, which you can use to buy a cheap and healthy meal.

Other food tips you can implement include learning about portion control, eating breakfast, varying your cafeteria meals, keeping healthy snacks around, drinking alcohol moderately, drinking more water, and taking vitamins.


1. Join a sports team

The one great thing about university is the diversity that is presented in the form of sports. Whether you are an amateur or professional sports player, there is a team that you can join. By joining a sports team you are pushed to exercise on a regular basis, and you also gain friends who you can remain accountable to when you do not feel like sticking with the program.

2. Walk or Cycle

Instead of taking public transport or a taxi (for those with extra cash), it is better for you to walk to campus or around town. Alternatively, you can choose to buy a bike and ride it around town, as this is an environmentally friendly way of exercising your muscles and burning calories.

3. Join a gym

Joining a gym is a great alternative to joining a sports team; however, it also complements any sports team you might be on. If a gym does not sound so appealing, join a dance class, a Pilates class, or a yoga studio.

4. Use sporting store discounts

Many people might be put off exercising due to the associated costs- gym memberships, sports outfits, and supplies to name a few. However, fitness does not need to be expensive. Many universities give their students discounts at gyms and sporting shops, so use this to your advantage to get supplies at an affordable rate.


1. Get into a regular sleep pattern

The combination of work and play that is prevalent at university often results in irregular sleeping patterns. However, a healthy and rested mind is necessary for you to function properly, and that cannot happen if you are constantly having overnight study sessions, partying all night, and sleeping all day.

You need to implement regular sleeping habits so that you can remain healthy.

2. Eliminate distractions

There are many distractions that will keep you up when you should be resting. You need to eliminate all of these distractions.

You can black out your blinds, turn off your electrical devices, and use earplugs to eliminate any light, visual, and noise distractions that are keeping you up. This will help you feel refreshed, and leave you much healthier and happier.

Other sleeping tips you can implement include taking naps, avoid working in bed, avoid caffeinated/alcoholic drinks and food before bed, and creating a bedtime routine.

Apart from the tips given above, remember to take care of your sexual health, stay away from cigarettes, and keep your mental health in check.

As you can see, maintaining a healthy lifestyle while at college is not impossible, so begin implementing these tips today.

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