Are you a final year student? What will happen next once you graduate? Have you thought of which job
you will be doing? With the job market getting more competitive, graduates have to work harder than ever to get the job they want. Today, we share with you some top tips in job hunting, so you could start your job search while you’re still at uni.

1. Research all the potential employers in your industry either via their websites. But don’t limit your search
for one industry as you can work for a company in a cross industry. For example, if you study Mathematics,
look for job opportunities in both science institutions and finance companies where you can do statistical research work. While you visit at each company’s website, see if they have graduate intake and note down in your calendar otherwise, bookmark their careers web page.

2. Networking. Let everyone you know that you will be looking for a job. Set up your profile on LinkedIn. As you don’t have much experience yet, polish your educational background, academic achievements and extra curriculum activities as much as possible. Once you are on LinkedIn, your profile will be exposed to many recruiters.

3. Prepare your resume. Don’t wait until you graduate to write your resume, draft it now and have it checked by a professional career adviser. You may find one for free at your university.

4. Practise graduate tests. Most big companies will ask you to do some sort of Numerical and psychometric tests. Visit this post for links to practise them.

5. Seek casual, or part time work experience. Every work experience counts, ideally you would look for jobs that are related to your field of study, but customer service and casual work would be fine too and don’t forget to include these valuable experiences in your resume.
To help you search jobs easily, please visit our job search section and browse hundreds of available positions. For example, this link returns jobs for students in Brisbane and this one lists casual jobs in Sydney. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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