Brisbane is a large riverside city that is rich in multicultural attractions for students. Many of these attractions are accessible and affordable, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t make time to experience the attractions. I understand that you might not know where to start when looking for relaxation and recreational spots in the city, and that is why I have compiled a list for your benefit.

1. XXXX Brewery Tour

If you enjoy drinking a pint of beer with your mates, then the XXXX Brewery Tour is perfect for you. During this tour you will get to learn the history of beer and barley, you will get to drink 2 glasses of free beer, and you will also participate in a beer tasting session. The tour is enjoyable and educational, and it will only cost you $32.


2. Story Bridge Adventure Climb

Warning; this is not suitable for anyone scared of heights. The Story Bridge Adventure Climb gives you the exhilarating opportunity to climb to the top of Brisbane’s Story Bridge. Once at the top you will get a spectacular view of the city, and your guide will also give you a history lesson on the surroundings. When it’s time to come down, you’ll get to abseil to the bottom. You can climb in the daytime or at night, and it will set you back around $100. It’s worth every dollar!


3. Riverlife Adventure Centre

This is for every student with an adventurous spirit. The Riverlife Adventure Centre offers several activities like abseiling, rollerblading, cycling, paddle boarding, rock climbing, and kayaking. You can also choose to tour the city via Segway, or via kayaking down the Brisbane river. There are also special events like Friday Climb & Wine, Friday Night Paddle and Prawns, and Saturday Night Paddle & BBQ. Prices start from $35 depending on the activity you are taking part in.

4. Mount Coot-tha Lookout

This heritage lookout is also known as One-Tree-Hill. The observation deck offers breathtaking views of Brisbane City all the way out to Moreton Bay. To save money you can pack yourself a picnic.

Mount Coot-tha

5. Queensland Performing Arts Centre

If you love performing arts, then QPAC is the place to be. This venue has a great atmosphere, and you can watch a show at the concert hall. There are plenty of musical, carnival, and opera performances to choose from, with tickets starting from $55 per person (depends on the seat, performance, and night of performance).

6. Eat Street Markets

If you love street food, then you need to head over to the Eat Street Markets. Here you will find delicious food from every culture that you can think of, and you can also enjoy live music from great bands. The entry per head is $2.

Eat Street Markets

7. Suncorp Stadium

All sports fans should experience a tour at the Suncorp Stadium. The large stadium has been home to numerous sports matches and concerts, and if you are not going to watch a performance you can still learn the history of the stadium. Tours start at $16.

There are plenty of activities for students in Brisbane, and if you didn’t know about them before, now you do! So get onto your computer, make a booking, and head out on an adventure. You can thank me later! Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

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  • Seriously guys?
    You posted an article about places of interest in Brisbane but you didn’t attach any relevant photos, not even one.

    Well I think upload some photos doesn’t cost you much time huh? This makes the post less attractive and really uninteresting. I do appreciate the up-to-date guidelines you guys provide, I really do. I am just trying to comment honestly and sometimes the truths are ugly.

    I usually visit this blog because it’s one of my favorite webs on the Internet. Please notice and I’m waiting for another great post about Brisbane

  • Well my thoughts are with you but I think you kinda overreacted. Despite many unappealing lines of word, i still find this post informative.
    To the admin, I wish you could tell me something more about the activities as well as the opening and closing time. Never do I want to miss the bus. Knowing the opening and closing time in advance before the trip is totally necessary for those who haven’t owned a car like me lol.

  • Thank you silentknight for the comment. We have added some photos to the post. Hope you like it now :)

  • Woohoo I finally have some places in my notebook for this summer vacation.
    I have always wished to visit the last three destination for a long time, but erveything didn’t happen as I expected it to be, what a pity!
    I’m planning a trip with my friends and they would be like wow, how many times have we been discussing and everything’s suddenly gone but we still keep that plan haha.
    Thanks a lot man

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