Many banks are now very willing to offer specialised credit cards for students. You need to be an Australian citizen, aged over 18 and study at an education provider with a high provider in order to qualify for a credit card.  There are other requirements such that you have to have your parents or your… Read More


Motivation is the thing that you need to overcome difficulties and truly focus on what is important to you. When you read the life stories of successful people — you will see that they know what they want and try really hard in order to achieve those things. It means that they know exactly what… Read More


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Many people, including college students, know about the importance of health maintenance and how bad habits can impact their overall well-being. Nevertheless, many students fail to take good care of their health, this in turn negatively impacts their studies and their lives. I have to agree that it’s quite challenging to live a healthy life,… Read More


The world we live in is constantly changing. It is even more so for university students, who are rapidly required to deal with change in their everyday life. New information is continually increasing, new products are continually available; when the normal everyday change hasn’t finished, the huge unexpected change has come. Here are some tips… Read More


Working while studying has become trendy for the past few years. To some students, it is sheer extra pleasure while to others, it is essential. In this article, I will discuss thoroughly the merits and demerits of being a part-time employee. I. Why should you work while studying? In this fast-paced society, you should not… Read More