Are you in year 12 and thinking about what to study at the university? You are not alone. There are many students in Australia with this problem. If you are a science and technology oriented person, one of the courses you should be considering is Bachelor of Engineering. You can study engineering in most universities in Australia. Let us take a look at what is involved in studying for a Bachelor of Engineering.

Great Choice at the University

What is engineering?

Engineering is the application of the knowledge acquired in science and mathematics to solve human problems. It is about making life easier and better for human beings. In fact, engineering is about life. We are heavily surrounded by the work of the engineer. The houses we live in, the bed we sleep on, the way we move around, how we communicate and many other things concerning us involve engineering. There is no way we can have a modern society like ours without the involvement of engineers. That is why pursuing e Bachelor of Engineering in the university will always be rewarding.

Branches of engineering

There are many branches of engineering, and emerging problems of society are leading to new ones. But a student pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering will have to choose between the main branches of engineering: chemical engineering, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and mechanical engineering. Each of these branches have several sub-branches.

Chemical engineering

Chemical engineering concerns how biological, chemical and physical properties of materials can be harnessed, modified and made useful for human life. The soap we use for bathing is a product of chemical engineering, the clothes we were at one point in time involved the work of a chemical engineer.

Civil engineering 

This involves the design, construction and maintenance of the environment we live in. Practically, we are talking about buildings, roads, bridges, monuments and all the infrastructure in modern society. It is about using the right principles and methods to make life safe for us humans.

Electrical engineering

This is the branch of engineering that studies how electricity, electromagnetism and electronics can be applied to life. This involves how electric power is generated, transported and used in homes, offices and factories. If you read this article online, it is because there is an electrical engineer who once had the idea and decided to make it possible.

Software engineering

This area of engineering involves in the design, development, implementation and maintenance of software and application systems in a systematic method. This is one of the highly demanded careers nowadays.

Mechanical engineering

This is about how machines are designed, constructed and operated through the application heat and mechanical power. The vehicles moving on the road, the machines performing complex operations in factories are all made possible by the help of the mechanical engineer.

As said earlier, each of these branches have sub-branches but any student wishing to pursue a Bachelor of Engineering will have to choose between these four branches and specialize in one of the sub-branches at the end of the course.

Skills needed to study engineering

Any student wanting to study engineering must have the following skills.

1. Problem solving skills: Engineering is about solving human problems. This means that the engineer must be able to think critically and come out with the right solution.

2. Communicative skills: The engineer must be able to communicate clearly with colleagues and clients. Failure to do this will lead to a disaster.

3. Mathematical skills: Engineering involves the use of mathematical concepts and principles. The first thing an engineer does when confronted with a problem is to reduce to it into mathematical form. A lot of the mathematical concepts we learn, (eg. shapes, angles, curves, lines, etc.) make more meaning when you are studying engineering.

4. IT skills: The nature of modern engineering requires the use of computer applications. That is why anyone enrolling in a Bachelor of Engineering program must have good IT skills.

5. Team work: Engineers work in teams and therefore must be team players. This is essential because engineering is a cross disciplinary subject. You will need a team in most cases in order to carry out your projects to a successful end.

What are the job prospects?

That is the question most students will ask before deciding on which course to take at the university. It has been found out by Graduate Careers Australia in a 2014 study that engineering graduates have a better than average chance of getting a job compared to other graduates in the science and technology sector. Engineers are always in high demand in Australia and all over the world. They are one of the highest paid professionals in any country.


We can therefore conclude that enrolling in a Bachelor of Engineering program at the university can be one of the wisest choices any student will make. Thousands of booksellers - millions of books.

4 comments on “Why Bachelor of Engineering is a Great Choice at the University

  • Surely engineering is in high demand, but one should consider what it may cost too. As mentioned in the article, an engineering major should be skilled at math solving, so he/she would expect to complete most, if not all, of the math courses. Also, I’ve been advised that an engineer or science major student may have to take more courses than any other major. However, regardless of what it may cost, engineering is still a very interesting field that everyone should consider.

  • Sleepless nights because the project is due tomorrow
    Tired and “possibly could close at anytime” eyes as you have been spending the whole day to finish the project
    Aching back, dry lips, shaggy hair,…
    Yes, it’s me studying engineering. It’s my liffeeeeeeee (Bon Jovi)
    ok guys, I’m heading back to the project, this post soothes me somehow haha

  • Is a degree in engineering advisable for girls? I’m a girl and I’m into engineering, but my family and friends are against it, for the sake of me, of course.
    I also understand that girls and boys have biologically different requirements. So, which engineering courses are the best for girls?

  • Surely, there are so many girls in Engineering now. You will find support groups for girls in Engineering. There are many fields in Engineering, just choose a field that you enjoy most. I’m a girl and I studied software engineering before.

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