One of the biggest worries of fresh graduates is writing a good resume due to their inexperience with work, as well as a lack of guidance on what to write. What if StudentBees tells you how to write a resume for fresh graduates that can impress employers that can show off all your relevant skills and experience?

From our view as insiders, there are important guidelines you should follow to create a compelling resume, which is all listed below with precise examples that you can follow.

Basic Guidelines for resume format sample for job application

As someone who is fresh out of college, you should follow a resume format that highlights your education, coursework, skills1. Career objectives and past work experience might also be included, but by no means, they should be in the spotlight.

Most resumes have the length of one or two paper length, but you should opt for a one-page resume to really make the relevant skills pop out. Longer resumes often include too much information, with unimportant and irrelevant details that can dilute your resume quality. On the other hand, a lot of hiring managers won’t go through all of the details in your lengthy resume, so make sure you only include the best things about you there, with the degree of relevance decreases as the resume goes on.

The Compulsory Components of a sample CV format

There is no compulsory format for a resume, but the standard version of a resume for Australian students includes the career objective, education, experience, and skills. In your case, we want to highlight the education and skills, which should be shown through the following components:

  • Summary: 3 or 4 sentences that explain who you are and communicate your value to the employer. Think of what makes the reader wants to continue with your resume.

Example: Aspiring graduate looking for a marketing internship. Interested in leveraging online advertising experience and project management skills to contribute to organizational objectives while gaining industrial experiences. Fluent with Photoshop CS, SEO and Microsoft Suite.

  • Work Experience: Best written as 4 – 5 bullet points that can be scanned easily by the readers, this will show them what you can offer as an employee. Your past experience may not be as mundane as you think it is if you look at it from a broader perspective. Did you manage anyone (as a project leader)? Was it your self-owned business (as a babysitter or lawn-carer)? Were you the representative or salesperson (as in recruiting member for a club)? These are the valuable skills that increase your worth.

Example: Pet Sitter – 20XX – Present – Self-own business with online marketing and seasonal job opportunities for peer students.

  • Other Qualifications/ Training and seminars section: These are the achievements and efforts that will make you stand out above other applicants.

Example: Photoshop – Infographics for advanced seminar – create posters, banners, and menus for local restaurants.

  • Quantifiable measurements: notes of times when you improved the processes, elevated the revenues or lowered the cost or any measurable contribution to the success of an event or project.

Example: Gained $400 as revenues in the first year of operating pet sitting business

Tips For Writing A Good Resume For Newbies

resume, fresh graduates

  • Don’t write vague expectations, objectives, and values because they will hinder you more. A blank space might even make your resume easier to scan and presentable. Something along the line of “I am an aspiring graduate who seeks a promising career opportunity within a developing company” should be crossed right off the bat.
  • If your draft is longer than one page, don’t hesitate to cross out the lines that you think is less important. Recruiters appreciate concise and straightforward candidates.
  • It’s not enough to just saying what you did, you should also explain how well you did it.
  • It’s not beneficial to include political and/or religious learnings in your business resume unless the organization you apply for has that orientation.
  • List the most recent activity first.

Sample resume for fresh graduate without experience


Jane Eyre

Phone number – Email Address – LinkedIn address

Objective Statement

Public Relations and Marketing Intern


( 3 – 4 sentences)

Aspiring graduate looking for a marketing internship opportunity. Interested in leveraging online advertising experience and project management skills to contribute to organizational objectives while gaining industrial experiences. Fluent with Photoshop CS, SEO and Microsoft Suite.



AA CollegeMelbourne, AU (2013 – 2017)

UniSpring Highschool – Melbourne, AU (2010 – 2013)



–       Photoshop, M5 Project, Dreamwaver

–       Friendly, eager and willing to learn

–       Outstanding public speaking and presentation skills

–       Fluent in English and Spanish

Relevant Coursework

Relevant Coursework

Marketing Club * AA College, Melbourne (2014 – 2016)

Graphic Designer, Public Presentations, Internal Relation

Increased 200% the club by size at graduation

Other Qualification

Other Qualification

Photoshop Infographics for advanced seminar * Queensland (2015)

Create posters, banners and menus for local restaurants.


Marketing Activities and Interests

Marketing Activities and Interests

Designer * AA College, Melbourne (2016)

New uniform shirts for football club that highlighted the club spirit and cheaper environmental-friendly material, saving $300 in cost

Vice President * UniSpring High book club, Melbourne (2012)



Academic Scholarship – AA College – Melbourne, AU – 2016

Top 10 outstanding activists – AA College – Melbourne, AU – 2016

Exemplary banner award – infographics for advanced seminar – Queensland, AU

Work Experience

Work Experience

Self-own business * Melbourne (2016 – Present)

Pet Sitter, Manager

–       Self-own business with online marketing and seasonal job opportunities for 5 peer students.

–       Provide supervision for pet sitting sessions and evaluate sitter’s ability

–       Develop reports and give feedback to clients

Smith Cinema * Queensland (2015)

Marketing Department

–       Creating loyal membership plan, increased 25% of revenues in 6 months

–       Enforce policies and procedures to showtime activities

Volunteer Placements

Volunteer Placement

Melbourne Shine Community * Melbourne (2014 – present)

Worked in community gardens assisting members of the local community in planting and caring for cats and dogs. Assisted with setup and preparation of community meetups


Many fresh graduates and people with no experience of work may find writing a resume intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be if you know how to write a resume for fresh graduates. As long as you know what the employers are looking for, and highlight the advantages that you already have as well as keep things concise and straight to the point, you would have a better chance at having a position at your dream work.

With added experience, your goals and opportunities will change, so will your resume. Edit the sample and template above according to your need so the reader can get a glimpse of the best impression of yourself as an employee.

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