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Buy Interior Chalkboard Paint | EcosPaints
Condition: New

ECOS Paints

Item Description

ECOS Paints are trusted by some of the world’s most prestigious buildings. At ECOS Paints, we sale ECOS interior chalkboard paint with given features like- High quality European pigments, Simple to apply, Can be applied in occupied spaces without discomfort and also these paints are HPD Third Party Verified. ECOS Paints Committed to improving the health of every building’s occupants through the use of award-winning technology and transparent chemistry in the manufacture of the world’s best architectural coatings. 


Contact Us:

ECOS Paints 

PO Box 489

Fairforest, SC 29336-0489

toll-free: 866 587 3586

phone: +1 864 595 3840

fax: +1 864 595 3841

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