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Drupal tutor wanted to help owner manage site

Major: IT
State: VIC
Type: Requesting
Listed By: Sheila N

This is an unusual job situated in Frankston, Victoria.
that could become a weekly thing for about 3 hrs week.  It would interest someone who enjoys teaching or coaching and has good knowledge of Drupal, php, msql, but isn't looking for full-time work.

Initial consult re management options non-commercial drupal website

The person who built the site in 2006 has had a head injury and has forgotten how to manage the site. We would like someone to

(a) try to reteach him his computer skills from ground up or wherever he is at
(b) include his partner in these lessons
(c) help him and or me to manage the website

The injured developer is very pleasant but has memory and hearing problems. You would be meeting us in our home.

We would like to take it session by session, say, once weekly, and review after each session, initially.

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