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GAMSAT Chemistry Tutor

Major: Chemistry
State: NSW
Type: Offering
Listed By: Private Advertiser

Hello, Are you planning to sit for GAMSAT in March 2011? This is the right time to start preparation, slowly but perfectly. If you are worried about your chemistry part, I am there to help you with that.If you have science background, I can prepare you for Chemistry in 13-16 sessions, and if you have non-science back ground, you'll be ready for chemistry in 20-25 sessions. We'll finish physical chemistry first followed by organic chemistry. After each topic we discuss, we'll do a lot of GAMSAT style questions to make sure you are OK with that. I am sure you would start loving chemistry after first session with me.I charge 30 AUD per hour or 50 AUD per session of 1hr and 45 minutes..If you have any question, just e-mail me, I'll be glad to write you back.Cheers

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