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HSC- Biology, Modern History, Ancient History Tuition

Major: Other Subjects
State: NSW
Type: Offering
Listed By: Travis Wishart

 I also do in depth tutoring in specific subjects within the three such as the 'Fall of the Roman Republic', Germany, WW2, Julius Caesar, Leni Riefenstahl etc. Feel free to contact me as I'm quite flexible. I prefer to tutor at local libraries or if it is best at my residence as I have all the necessary texts to aid you in your plight to HSC success. From experience with the HSC I do realise the potential and benefit of having a tutor. It is imperative that your child meets their potential during these difficult last few years of Higher Education schooling. In order to prepare and open doors to future University prospects I can not speak more highly of the support tutoring can be for your child/children. I charge $30 for an hour but $25 at Stanhope Library for local students. Hopefully I can help your child achieve their maximum potential and get their prospects together upon a good foundation. Travis :)

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