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Hadoop Online Training

Major: IT
State: NSW
Type: Offering
Listed By: sridhar reddy
Introduction and Overview of Hadoop
  •  What is Hadoop?
  •  History of Hadoop
  •  Building Blocks – Hadoop Eco-System
  •  Who is behind Hadoop?
  •  What Hadoop is good for and what it is not
Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)
  • HDFS Overview and Architecture
  •  HDFS Installation
  •  Hadoop File System Shell
  •  File System Java API
  • Map/Reduce Overview and Architecture
  •  Installation
  •  Developing Map/Red Jobs
  •  Input and Output Formats
  •  Job Configuration
  •  Job Submission
  •  HDFS as a Source and Sink
  •  HBase as a Source and Sink
  •  Hadoop Streaming
  •  HBase Overview and Architecture
  •  HBase Installation
  •  HBase Shell
  •  CRUD operations
  •  Scanning and Batching
  •  Filters
  •  HBase Key Design
  •  Pig Overview
  •  Installation
  •  Pig Latin
  •  Pig with HDFS
  •  Hive Overview
  •  Installation
  •  Hive QL
  •  Sqoop Overview
  •  Installation
  •  Imports and Exports
Zoo Keeper
  •  Zoo Keeper Overview
  •  Installation
  •  Server Mantainace
Putting it all together
  • Distributed installations
  •  Best Practices
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