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Instagram Ad Agency Internship

Work Type: Casual
Classification: Other Jobs
Area: Gold Coast
Listed By: Private Advertiser

Most internships suck, we know because we've interned the 2000s So not that long ago. There are two types of internships that suck, the Zombie internship where "Kelvin" CBF teaching you something so he bores the crap out of you with menial tasks like copy and pasting in an excel sheet. The other type of internship is the Slave where you get given "responsibility" which really means the employer is a tight ass and doesn't want to pay for staff, and while you will get some "valuable experience" you'll be slammed with work until 10pm, and made to cry in front of all the staff because you sent "Janice"  a soy mocha instead of the 'half-soy half-coconut mocha' she requested. 

Avoid these internships as if you're 53 weeks deep on someone's Instagram feed and trying to not hit "like".

But hey, congratulations you found us. We're called Konichigram and we're the only marketing agency in Australia that just focuses on Instagram. No Facebook. No Twitter. Nothing else, just the gram! All we do is make Instagram easy for businesses and brands. And we've got an internship that doesn't suck, We have lives outside of work so we're here 4 days per week with flexible all depends on how good the waves are and how sunny it is. If you're one of the homies we choose to spend 2 days per week with us then we'll give you your own desk and chair (obvs) but we'll also give you a transport and phone allowance, pay for your lunch, and train you every day in all aspects of our business which will make you more employable, and we want you to be employable because if everything works out we'd like to hire you at the end of the semester-long internship.

The internship sounds rad, we know, but we just need to check that you use Instagram a bunch, right? Like so much that your thumb is buff from swiping and liking?

If not then probably best close this tab now.  So how do you get an interview? It's pretty simple, just fill out the google form below:

Don't be slow in perfecting your application because we aim to fill this role by August 7.

Thanks again for applying, we'll try to write back to everyone that applies.

Good luck, and we look forward to meeting you :)

  • COMPANY NAME - Konichigram
  • CONTACT NAME - Jordan
  • CONTACT NUMBER - 0412627881

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