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Looking for a baby sitting job

Work Type: Casual
Classification: Other Jobs
Area: Sydney Any Area
Listed By: Private Advertiser

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Hi my name is tiffany I live in rockhampton. I have finished school and now looking for a baby sitting job the most id like to get paid is about $70 to $80 and if its for over night about $200 I promise to take care of your children any age is fine I can give you a resume to look at and see what you like about me and what you dont like so please feel free to contact me through email on and if you need other help like clean the house or anything Im willing to do that for an extra $30 or even if you dont have children and you dont have the time to clean I can do that to for $200 I can promise you that it will be spotless you can email me eather one im happy to do any or even both for you no extra charge. Im trying to get the money for my wedding next year so please feel free to email me thank you...

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