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Major: Other Subjects
State: NSW
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- K-12 Maths tutoring, English Tutoring, etc. We cater for all main subjects, including languages. For a full list of HSC subjects we offer visit:
- We provide a one-on-one tutoring service within your home, with flexible session times
- Students receive the customised assistance they require through their tutors undivided attention
- Tutors travel to your home, anywhere on the Northern Beaches, for maximum convenience

For more information, visit our website at:

At Excelsior Tuition we have a team of university students who have excelled in their HSC and are keen to pass on their knowledge and experiences to students on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Our organisation offers K-12 tutoring for all main subjects, including languages.

We provide a one-on-one tutoring service within your home, with flexible session times arranged around your busy schedules. The undivided attention of our tutors enables them to form a personalised bond with your children so that they can receive the customised assistance they require.

A factor that distinguishes Excelsior Tuition from other tuition companies is that our tutors are all university students and recent high school graduates​- this gives them the unique advantage of having a very thorough knowledge of the relevant syllabuses whilst being able to strongly relate to their students experiences.
Our tutors are hand-selected for their demonstrated excellence in their subjects as well as a passion towards educating young people. Most importantly, they have all dedicated themselves to their own studies while they completed their HSC and can teach their students to do the same, challenging your children to work hard whilst offering the support and personal advice needed to achieve their goals.

A one-on-one tutoring program can help your child conquer their challenges and achieve these fundamental understandings that will propel them to success. Also, for students that are wanting a greater challenge than what is offered in class, our tutors can help them excel themselves.

If you're interested in our services we'd love to hear from you.
Please go to our website for applications and more information.
If you have any other questions feel free to contact us at

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