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Savvy All-Rounder

Work Type: Casual
Classification: Other Jobs
Area: Sydney Any Area
Listed By: Private Advertiser

You are the type of person who loves a challenge and learns very quicky.

You are creative, tenacious and aspire to be involved in a business that brings positive change to others.

You are Social Media savvy including, Facebook, Twitter, SnapChat and more.

Brainstorming to invent new and exciting ideas and ways, give you a buzz.

You are hungry to be a part of something new and groundbreaking.

  • This position will begin as an internship with the opportunity to move into a paid position.
  • When you are working in the presence of the Director, all your travel and food will be covered.
  • You will be required to own your own Apple computer or laptop and mobile phone.
  • This is somewhat of a flexible position, however the director is seeking someone who has the determination, commitment and passion to work tirelessly toward the launch.
  • A letter of recommendation will be happily provided at the completion of the internship.

  • CONTACT NAME - Therese

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