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Work Type: Casual
Classification: Other Jobs
Area: Sydney Sydney - Inner
Listed By: Anusha

Screenwriter Job duties and Responsibilities

  • Create original concept and flesh out into a storyboard or scene flow

  •  Conducts research to obtain accurate factual background information and authentic detail.

  • Writes plot outline, narrative synopsis, or treatment and submits for approval.

  •  Confers with PRODUCER or PRODUCER and DIRECTOR,regarding script development, revisions, and other changes.

  • Continually develop, build, edit and revise the screenplay until it is as good as can possibly be.

  •  Writes one or more drafts of script.

  •  May work in collaboration with other writers.

  • May specialize in particular type of script or writing.



Screenwriter Requirement and Qualification


  • A thorough understanding of plot creation, storytelling devices and story development techniques

  • A complete knowledge of industry-standard screenplay format

  • Ability to network effectively within the industry

  • A tireless approach to pursuing agents and producers

  • Ability to take knock-backs without taking them personally

  • An insatiable desire to continually develop new screenplays whilst trying to sell old ones.

  • Experience as freelance writers or editors

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