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Writing / Nightlife Media Intern

Work Type: Casual
Classification: Other Jobs
Area: Sydney Any Area
Listed By: Private Advertiser

Calling out all social / writing superstars!

We are looking for a bubbly and savvy intern to join our team of journalists and community managers at Brazn Sydney as we aim to take on Sydney's nightlife media head first! Applicants must have plenty of writing experience and be all over social like a rash!

You will be required in the office 14-20 hours a week and occasionally at weekend events. The role will involve writing, insta, researching, and learning from the best in the business!

We cannot guarantee this internship will result in a paid position, but we do provide free tea (no milk) and vita-wheats at the Chippendale office/studio. Travel expenses will not be covered and you will need your own laptop.

Come join our team as we shake things up and shake our things across Sydney's dance floors! To apply, please tell us which are your favourite 3 venues in Sydney (with a sentence explaining why), along with your CV, to




  • COMPANY NAME - BraznSydney
  • CONTACT NAME - Methusela

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