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Years 7-12 Science, Chemistry and Biology + all options

Major: Chemistry
Type: Offering
Listed By: Private Advertiser
What I am able to tutor: I teach Years 7 - 10 in the subject of Science, and Years 11 and 12 in Chemistry and Biology. I have a thorough knowledge of all options in Chemistry and Biology due to my attainment of the BSc. Extra help is also provided for all practicals and assignments. What I can offer Group Tuition either at my house, or at student's homes (through home visits) Phone Help Online Help Why I tutor I enjoy helping students achieve their maximum potential in science in their Jun ior years, allowing them to excel and out-perform peers when and if they start chemistry and biology for their HSC. When am I available? I am available all day on the weekends. Extra notes Worksheets and notes are provided for all topics, and there will be a topic test/progressive test at the conclusion of each topic. Lesson Plan Students can expect that in each lesson, they will be reviewed on past topics, and will help to clear any doubts that they Jun have had. Then i will go over the next topic in the syllabus, so that when the student learns this subject in school, it will just be revision. Worksheets will also be given during the lesson, so the student can practice what they have learnt, and i can see what i need to revise with the student, and can test their level of understanding. This method enhances the overall understanding and learning of the student as they are learning from a qualified teacher who has a thorough knowledge of the syllabus, and has tJun ht over 20 students, who have all achieved results of above 90% in the HSC. Experience I have tutored approximately 20 students over 5 years and all have achieved Jun ks of 90% and over in the HSC and in their exams in years 7-10. Qualifications BSc, MSc, Diploma in Education

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