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University News:

Major breakthrough in quest for new malaria drugs
DEAKIN Wed, 16 July 2014
Victorian scientists have made a major breakthrough in the race to find new drugs to fight malaria, one of the world���s most devastating diseases.
Baby bonus blues ahead for mothers
MELBOURNEUNI Wed, 30 July 2014

Young mothers who are not in the paid workforce or are marginally employed will be significantly disadvantaged by the removal of the Baby Bonus. 

Summit 8000
RMIT Tue, 29 July 2014
One of the world’s most experienced high-altitude climbers will be on campus to give gripping accounts of his death-defying ascents and his fascinating stories about climbing rivalries and mountaineering politics.
UTS researchers tackle Australia's first urban tree analysis
UTS Wed, 30 July 2014
Picture by Terry Clinton
A first-of-its-kind research report conducted by UTS's Institute for Sustainable Futures has found Hobart, Brisbane and Darwin's central business district councils lead in urban greening, with the highest percentage of...
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