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  USYD Sat, 29 July 2017

A University of Sydney academic working to improve the quality of maternity and infant health care in Australia's remote communities has been recognised among the nation's top researchers
  UTS Mon, 27 March 2017

Forensic scientists in the field

The unique body donation facility has the potential to revolutionise the way police and forensic authorities approach murders and missing persons cases.

  USYD Fri, 28 July 2017

Health experts from the University of Sydney will take to the Seymour Centre stage in a unique theatrical collaboration this August aimed at dispelling myths around eating disorders and fad dieting in teenagers.
  UTS Mon, 27 March 2017

Professor Charlene Zietsma, leader of The Growth Project

Australia has joined countries like Israel and the US in The Growth Project, an international study aimed at identifying and overcoming the hurdles that stop entrepreneurial businesses growing.

  USYD Thu, 27 July 2017

Premier Mike Baird today launched the University of Sydney Brain and Mind Centre, bringing together leading scientists nationally and internationally to address critical health issues of the 21st century - disorders of the brain and mind.
  UTS Mon, 27 March 2017

Man and woman in clinic setting

Ensuring clinical psychology trainees are fit to practice is at the heart of new research into ongoing problems of professional competency.

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