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Top Tips To Have An Aussie Style in Writing Essays

An international student coming to study in Australia will face a lot of challenges. The education system which he or she has at home might be entirely different from the Australian education system. As a result, what he or she is expected to do to have good grades might be different. One of the areas… Read More

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How to Save Money Shopping Online In Australia

Online shopping has become more and more popular during recent years all over the world. There are several reasons why people switch to online shopping. It is a convenient and time-saving way of buying everything- from groceries to electronics devices. In addition, shopping online tends to be cheaper than other traditional ways of shopping. Nevertheless,… Read More

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The Ultimate Guide On How To Take Notes In Class

Most of the time during our school and university life, we have to attend class in order to learn new materials from various subjects. When we hear something, sometimes, we are certain that we will surely remember it. But it has been constantly proved to be not the case. So how can we know what… Read More

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Top 10 Jobs For International Students In Australia

Many students like to find a part-time job while they are still studying at colleges and universities. Having a part-time job can be beneficial for them. With a part-time job, a student can have a sustainable and independent finance source. It also helps these students to gain more experience and soft skills, which are necessary… Read More

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All You Need To Know About A Career In Construction

A job in the construction industry is not only a job that you work on building site, helping to build things up. There are many other kinds of jobs in this industry including the ones that involve the planning and managing both before and after something is constructed. Working in the construction industry can be… Read More

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How To Create A Productive Study Atmosphere

Every student will know that it is hard to stay focused and productive. I have seen many people struggling to balance the time between studying and relaxing. Even though when they decide to sit down to study, they couldn’t be able to solely focus on the studying.  They have to check their social media pages,… Read More

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University News:

Why we need justice and not just charity to address homelessness
UTS Thu, 16 August 2018
A homeless person on the street

A year ago, the tent city established by homeless people in Sydney’s Martin Place was cleared. Ahead of a Forum marking the anniversary, Dr Thalia Anthony shines a light on the criminalisation of homelessness.



10 things to do after NAIDOC Week
UTS Wed, 15 August 2018

NAIDOC Week is a recognised time for all Australians to celebrate

Inaugural Champion for Human Rights named
UTS Wed, 15 August 2018
Human rights award winner Adbul Hekmat, left, and UTS Human Rights Champion Tim Soutphommasane

The UTS Human Rights Awards have a long tradition of recognising those within the UTS community who are making a difference in the world.

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