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If this is your first time visiting our classifieds portal for students, you may be confused about how everything works. This page is designed specifically for you to learn more about services that we offer and how they help might help you. Just browse through the frequently asked questions until you’re satisfied. If you’re still unsure about something, feel free to contact us by filling in an online request form.
Q1. How do I post an ad?

To post an ad on StudentBees, you have to be a registered users. First, create an account with us, it's free and quick.

After you verify your email, and login to our website with your new account:

Q2. What is an Advertiser Profile?
Answer: An Advertiser Profile is a contact that you want the website users to contact you if they are interested in your ads. We allow advertisers to have multiple advertiser profiles under one StudentBees account. This allows business users such as real estate agents, employment agencies and educational institutions to easily create different contact details for different property or job adverts.

It is also beneficial for individual users. For example, if you are giving your friend a favor by posting a share house ad for them on StudentBees, you would want people to contact your friend's number instead of yours. So you should create a separate Advertiser Profile with your friend's contacts to be attached to the ad.

An Advertiser Profile will have Name, Fixed Phone number, Mobile Phone number, Email and Business Profile. We will list all of these fields except for the Email field on the ad listing page. Business advertisers are encouraged to utilise the Business Profile field to give an overview about their organisation.

Q3. How do I edit or delete my existing ads?

We classify advertisements in four categories: Things for sale, accommodation, jobs and tutoring ads. Therefore, there are separate management pages for each of these ad types as below:

On each advertisement management page, click on the "Edit" link button to delete that ad, or select ads that you want to remove and click on "Delete Selected Ads". If your ad is not relevant any more, but you don't want to remove it yet, you can deactivate it by clicking on the link "Deactivate Selected Ads" after ticking the checkbox next to the ad that you want to take down.

Q4. How do I create a new Advertiser Profile or manage my existing ones?

You can create a new advertiser profile every time you post an advertisement, you'll have a choice to choose an existing profile or create a new one. Alternatively, you can add or manage your profiles from this link:

Q5. How long will my ads remain valid?

Your ads will be displayed on StudentBees for 30 days. After the 30 day period, your ads will be automatically deleted if you have not reposted them.

Q6. Where can I find more tips on job search?

You can find many helpful tips from this link: For example: Top Job Hunting Tips for Students, 6 Easy Tips For Landing An Entry Level Accounting Job or How to Optimise your LinkedIn Profile for Job Search

Q7. Do you have a forum for students?

We have a forum at the following link. We encourage you to particle in the discussion and post any questions you want to ask to the community. We also have a Reddit style discussion at . You are welcome to share any interesting news and information related to student life or post any questions you may have.

Q8. What other services do you have?

We have listed many services ranging from haircut, Fitness & Massage, dental, housekeeping that offer discounts for students. Find more about it here. We also have a dedicated section displaying the latest News across different universities in Australia.

Q9. I’m an international student, how do I get a scholarship to study in Australia?

You should find all the useful information that you need in student resources section. The blog provides general information about the lifestyle, education system and scholarships.

Q10. Where do I find homestay accommodations in Australia?

You should find everything you need under student accommodation page. The homestay guide explains perfectly as why you should choose a homestay and where to look for one.

Q11. I’m thinking of studying abroad, should I choose Australia

Definitely! Australia is a haven for international students with numerous scholarship opportunities and a great place to immerse yourself in a diverse culture. This why you should choose Australia for study blog gives you answers as to why you should consider Australia to be your destination.

Q12. I’m a fresh graduate; do you have any advice on how to succeed a panel job interview?

We provide you 6 tips on how to ace a panel job interview for graduate students.

Q13. How to make a good first impression with my Cover Letter?

A good cover letter doesn’t guarantee you the job but a bad cover letter will certainly prevent you from getting one. Knowing what to show in your cover letter is very important. You can find what you are looking for from our blog post on cover letter.

Q14. How to write a perfect resume?

The most important thing when writing a resume is to know what to include in it. You need to be able to command the recruiter’s attention in the first 20 seconds they scan through your resume.
Our blogs here will show you how to impress your recruiters with your resume:
How to write a perfect resume
Include extra-curricular activities in your resume.

Q15. What are advices for finding part-time jobs for students?

A part-time job will help you supplement your income and give you a chance to develop a range of skills as well as great work experience. Find more about popular part-time jobs for students on our blog.

Q16. And tips for awarding University scholarship?

Obviously, scholarships help ease the financial burden but most importantly, having a scholarship sets you apart from the rest of the candidate pool. We are going to give you five top tips to apply for university scholarship.

Q12. How to prepare for psychometric tests?

This blog provides all the information you need to know about psychometric tests for your job hunting.

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