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About Us

Recognizing that there are not many online resources addressing student needs, we launched StudentBees website in 2008 which is one of the most popular online portals for students in Australia. The website offers a wide range of services including searching for share accommodationstudent internshipsjobs, buying/selling books, furniture, computers and matching tutors to students.

On top of that, the website provides many useful links to help students in every aspect of their university life such as study advicediscounts for studentsjob test preparation and career advice. It also has a forum and a Reddit style discussion for students to discuss learning experience or to seek advice. In addition, we have a dedicated section for university news from different institutions in Australia. 

Whilst the website mainly targets students, it is also useful for other audiences who wish to advertise things for sale and rooms for rent. It is particularly good for homestay families who look for students to stay in their homes or for those who have some spare pieces of furniture to give away. 

StudentBees has an edge over other students or classifieds websites because it not only provides free classifieds targeting student needs but also resources to support their studies and job search. It acts as an online centralised location for students from high schools, colleges and universities to meet, trade, and seek information. 

For additional information on our services or collaboration opportunities, please write to us at admin [_at_ ]

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