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HSC physics tutor

Major: Physics
State: NSW
Type: Offering
Listed By: Steventhg888

Hello, my name is Steven Lee
I am a qualified and experienced HSC physics tutors itv 13 years experience teaching HSC and university physics
I have successfully helped many students to 90percent plus for physics will many gaining a band so and higher
I teach the HSC core modules and options focusing on the most important points
I explain concepts and provide exames to solve problemsi make HSC physics questions provide past papers to students

As a tutor I focus on key concepts and explain them in detail
I utilise HSC resources and expand on the ideas that help students gain a greater understanding
I use various method of teaching to improve the students concentration and retention of information which allows them to improve their ability to recount information
My classes are both remedial and advance
For more information please contact me on 0433089616

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