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SAP BO Online Training

Major: IT
State: NSW
Type: Offering
Listed By: sridhar reddy
SAP BO 4.1 Course content
Duration : 40hrs
Exp faculty : 9 years

►Module 1 - BusinessObjects Introduction
  • What is BusinessObjects?
  • The Data Warehouse and Business Objects where they do fit?
  • What is OLAP?
  • What is Business Intelligence?
  • Is BusinessObjects BI tool or OLAP tool?
  • Measures Of success
►Module 2 - BusinessObjects Tools introduction
  • BusinessObjects Architecture
  • All tools introduction
  • Universdesigner
  • Webintelligence
  • Desktop Intelligence
  • Infoview
  • Live office
  • Qwaas
  • Xcelsius
  • Central management Server
  • Central management console
  • Crystal reports
  • Import wizard
  • Translation manager
  • Publishing wizard
  • Voyager
  • Business Explorer(Pioneer)
►Module 3 - Basic introduction of the CMS
  • Job servers
  • Web application servers
►Module 4 - Universe Designer priniciples
  • What is the Universe designer?
  • Build a Basic universe with ODBC database
  • Defining a new connection
  • The designer work space
  • Table Browser
  • Default class and objects
  • Inserting tables and Joins
  • Detecting joins
  • Detecting loops
  • Avoiding loops
  • Creation of Context
►Module 5 - Reporting and Analysis
►Webintelligence reports
  • Creation of sample web intelligence reports
  • Section reports
  • Crosstab reports
  • Table reports
  • Formulas, Alerts, Conditions, Rankings, Filters, Drill, Drill through, Prompts
  • Images, Logos, Charts
  • User folders access/ Public folders access
  • Creation of Webintelligence Document in Infoview
  • Creation Desktop intelligence Document in Infoview
  • Scheduling the Document (hourly, DailyMonthly, Specific time)
  • Printing the document in different formats (PDF, PPT, Xcel)
  • SAP BW Infocube Connectivity with BO Universes.
  • SAP BW Query, DSO Connectivity with BO Universe
  • Calculated keyfigures, restricted keyfigures, Variables, Filters, Conditions, Exceptions
  • SAP ERP system Connectivity with Crystal reports
  • Oracle database Connectivity
  • ODBC database connectivity
►Module-7: Business Objects Administration area
  • Central management console Access
  • Users Creations/User Group creation
  • Folder creation/ Folder access authorizations
  • Providing authorizations for User level/User group level/Folder level
►Module-8: Xcelsius-Dashboard Visualizations
  • What is Xcelsius?
  • Xcelsius Work space
  • Connecting with SAP BW Query
  • Xcelsius connectivity with different tools like (Liveoffice, Xcelsius connectivity with different tools like (Liveoffice, Qwaas)
  • Designing Dashboards using charts, graphs
  • System landscapes
  • SAP BW-BO landscape
  • SAP ERP Landscape
  • Non ERP Systems landscape
  • Database landscape

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